Bethesda is changing Fallout 76’s hated Legendary crafting system

Players aren’t too happy with the Fallout 76 Legendary crafting system that Bethesda introduced into the game, although there may be hope on the horizon. Despite the attention being given to Bethesda’s new upcoming RPG Starfield, the developer’s online Fallout game continues to receive support, although fans have complained that the Fallout 76 Legendary item crafting adds too much grind to the game. The good news is that Bethesda has responded to these complaints and is apparently making some big changes to the system.

What are the Fallout 76 Legendary crafting changes coming?

Fallout 76 Legendary crafting

Bethesda has apparently been listening to complaints about the new Legendary item crafting system for Fallout 76 and is “looking to make some improvements” to it. These changes will include improving Legendary Core drop rates, boosting the Legendary Scrip limit, and generally helping players to better collect the items they need to craft these items.

The new Legendary crafting system for Fallout 76 was introduced recently on the game’s Public Test Server, the first time players have been able to craft the top-level items in the game, and as soon as it was brought in fans began to complain about the grind it brought into the online title.

Legendary items can be sold for Legendary scrip, which can then be exchanged for randomized loot boxes that may contain better items. Instead, with this new crafting system, players can buy Legendary Modules with scrip, but crafting an item also requires Legendary Cores, which are only currently available in certain quests and events — and players don’t always get Cores as a reward, either. Consequently, it’s good that Bethesda is making these changes to the crafting system before it goes on the game’s main servers.

The improved crafting system will be rolled out along with the Steel Reign update in July, which is all in preparation for the big alien invasion update later this year. In closer Bethesda news, the company’s next RPG Starfield will be at E3 next month, but don’t expect to play the game this year.