FFXIV x Monster Hunter World Crossover: What We Know & What We Want

Square Enix didn’t have the longest E3 2018 presentation on the block, but it didn’t pull its punches. One of the most popular announcements from the company’s show was the Final Fantasy XIV and Monster Hunter World crossover. Yes, we’ll be here all week for jokes about how ambitious it is. Square Enix gave us a taste of what this means for their beloved MMORPG, but it’s a win-win for Monster Hunter fans too. We take you through what we know so far, and what we want to see.

FFXIV x Monster Hunter World Crossover: The King of the Skies

The trailer above is what got everyone in a tizzy. If you’ve played the latest Stormblood expansion then you’re no stranger to the rolling hills of the Azim Steppes. While the grazing Dzos are commonplace, the adorable Palico is a pleasant surprise.

Less pleasant for the Dzo is the bloody giant Rathalos that hurls itself bodily to the ground before eating it. Monster Hunter‘s King of the Skies is aptly named, and he’s known for being deadly. We know it’s going to take a full party to take down this bad boy. Whether it’ll be an S-hunt, or something else, we’re not sure.

We know that you’re going to have to be max level in Final Fantasy XIV to step to the Rathalos’ turf. However, you may not have to be fully up to date on main story quests when the collaboration drops. Some of that content is item level-locked, and we can’t see why the crossover would want to limit potential Hunters.

It’ll be nice to see the Rathalos as a max-level trial that can be run for various minion drops and items. Maybe we could even implement a crafting system?

FFXIV x Monster Hunter World Crossover: Glamors, Minions, and Emotes


Very few things are cuter than a Palico. Capcom had a victory on their hands when we caught the first glimpse of Monster Hunter World‘s HD-rendering of our favourite felines. Now, we’re going to be lucky enough to traipse around Eorzea with one by our sides. We’re not sure how we’ll get the Palico minion quite yet. However, this bodes well for us who treat collecting minions in Final Fantasy XIV like a game in itself.

On top of that, Monster Hunter World and its DLC have been very generous with cosmetic items. It’s probably safe to prepare for a variety of glamors based on popular item sets, furniture, and maybe even new weapons. Farming a raid for crafting materials to get a Rathalos weapon would be epic.

We’ve also seen the use of a new emote that mimics what you look like post-meal in Monster Hunter. We could possibly even get new dishes for max-level culinarians looking to hone their skills. Either way, there’s a treasure trove of content poised to come our way this Summer.

FFXIV x Monster Hunter World Crossover:What Next?


There was some speculation that the Behemoth would appear in Monster Hunter World as part of this collaboration event. A video was up earlier today (now-deleted) which showed the fearsome beast right at home in Capcom’s nest. There were screenshots as well of what looked like Palicos in Cactuar-themed outfits, and furious debate was ignited about what Final Fantasy XIV would bring to the table.

Any leaks about reciprocal content have now been taken off the internet, which doesn’t say much either way about whether they’re the pipe dreams of fans or something more. However, this collaboration is pretty damn special for Square Enix’s MMORPG son and we’re willing to be that there’ll be some kind of quid pro quo arrangement happening. Monster Hunter World has been putting out amazing DLC since day one and this would propel the title to the next level.

Can’t get enough of Final Fantasy XIV? Got any hot takes about which deadly psuedo-dinos from Monster Hunter World would put their best feet forward in Eorzea? Let us know in the comment section below.