Great Modern PC Games Playable on Low-End Builds

Not everyone out there can afford high-end PC rigs capable of running the latest in graphical power or popular frame rates. Many gaming fans are clueless when it comes to whether or not some games can even run on their build of choice. Fortunately, many of today’s critically acclaimed games can run on virtually any computer device, including low-end PCs. The following is a list of titles that shouldn’t pose any cause for concern when booting up for the first time on your PC of preference.

Playable on Low-End PCs: Celeste

Low-End PCs

Celeste is a charming platformer whose looks may fool players into thinking it’ll go easy on them the higher they climb the daunting mountain standing before them. The game is, in many ways, a reinvention of the genre in that it consistently poses challenges to players that may make them think before attempting to cross over the next snowy gap. Underlying the journey is a message that provokes users to keep getting back up after every failure, seemingly turning the impossible into something much more realistic.

Playable on Low-End PCs: Hotline Miami

Low-End PCs

Hotline Miami is the bloody neon synth massacre players never knew they needed. This top-down run-and-gunner has users fly through levels reminiscent of Grand Theft Auto‘s retro years, complete with ultraviolent methods of mutilating enemies. Assault rifles, bats, crowbars, and even frying pans can be shot, swung, or thrown into thugs to produce a satisfying splat of blood across your potato PC’s screen. Suffice it to say, Hotline Miami isn’t for the faint of heart.

Playable on Low-End PCs: West of Loathing

Low-End PCs

West of Loathing is, at its core, a side-scrolling RPG that allows users to complete objectives in a variety of different ways. This doesn’t make it a replacement for a new Deus Ex by any stretch of the imagination, however, as its branching paths actually take the form of a crescendo of hilarious jokes—some at the player’s expense. To say more about the laughs that await newcomers would spoil the entire show. West of Loathing is certainly a noteworthy RPG unlike anything before it.

Playable on Low-End PCs: Night in the Woods

Low-End PCs

A lot of comparisons have been drawn between Night in the Woods and the Life is Strange series. The two are very similar in their unique, small-town aesthetic, though they divulges as Night in the Woods attempts to delve into further examine mental illness. This a game perfect for those that aren’t as experienced in the medium as others, as it’s a point-and-click adventure that relies on very few gameplay hooks to get by. No matter your proficiency with video games, Night in the Woods is a title definitely worth your time.

Playable on Low-End PCs: Darkest Dungeon

Low-End PCs darkest dungeon dlc the color of madness releases today

Soulsborne fans out there who’ve only ever played on consoles may find some difficulty running any of the Dark Souls games on a low-end PC. Despite this, Darkest Dungeon offers a compelling alternative, as players will most definitely die a lot throughout the course of the title. This turn-based RPG has users explore a series of caves that rapidly make each member of their party insane. As each person’s personality changes, good and bad traits are earned, meaning players will constantly have to be on their toes lest the next battle comes and they have no idea what the hell is going on.

Playable on Low-End PCs: Stardew Valley

Low-End PCs Stardew Valley Multiplayer Update Release Date

Stardew Valley can be summed up as a farming simulator built much in the same vein as the entries in the Harvest Moon series. It does, however, provide its own unique spin on the traditional formula, adding in a emotional narrative and some horror elements to keep players invested for the long haul. It may sound mundane on paper, but the charm of expanding a farm, taking care of vegetables, fishing down a riverside, and talking to villagers in the nearby town is undoubtedly a break from the usual thrill of the medium.

Playable on Low-End PCs: Into the Breach

Into the Breach Mechs Low-End PCs

Into the Breach is the perfect title for those looking to satiate their strategy game cravings. Players are tasked with defending humanity from an invasion of underground aliens using gigantic mechs that can traverse some of the world’s largest cities in a matter of minutes. Its emotion is derived from the gameplay itself, as users will often find themselves obligated to sacrifice some of their best pawns for the sake of the entire team’s victory. This coupled with randomized fields makes Into the Breach a must-play for PC players of any build.

Playable on Low-End PCs: Undertale

Low-End PCs

You’ve probably heard of Undertale by now. Originally released in 2015, the title has spawned a massive following for good reason, as it’s unlike any popular PC game on the market. Although an amalgamation of genres, the title is first and foremost an RPG, though it often looks like top-down bullet hell. Whether or not the next NPC will become an enemy or a friend is, at times, totally up for the player to decide, making for one of the most morally-infused digital products that the medium has seen up until this point.

There’s absolutely no excuse to neglect the titles on the list. Representative of a variety of genres, each provides its own compelling reason to be experienced no matter what kind of PC build players own. Even without money, the medium has a plethora of titles to choose from that are guaranteed to satisfy a user’s gaming thirst for time to come.