Abolish Fortnite V-Bucks: How to Overthrow Capitalism in Fortnite

Fortnite has taken more gamers by storm than the actual storms in the game have taken players. But perhaps the only thing some Fortnite fans want to change is to abolish Fortnite V-Bucks and establish a socialist utopia situated entirely within Epic Games‘ battle royale hit. Here’s a simple Fortnite guide on how to overthrow Capitalism in Fortnite!

Abolish Fortnite V-Bucks: Forming a Vanguard Party

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Now, in order to go as far as to abolish Fortnite V-Bucks, you’re going to need to stimulate some class consciousness. One of the quickest ways of going about doing this is to form a revolutionary Vanguard party of political theorists and public speakers that you can make use of to reach out to Fortnite players and educate them with agitation and propaganda.

Thankfully, in Fortnite content update 5.30, Epic Games added a new variant on the Squads mode that allows you to do just that. When choosing a game mode, you should now see “Vanguard” as an option. Select it, and invite friends who you think would best be able to establish a dictatorship of the proletariat—the matchmaking option is a little bit risky for the time being.

Abolish Fortnite V-Bucks: Take Retail Row by Storm

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Once you’ve formed a Vanguard squad, the next step in your mission to abolish Fortnite V-Bucks will be amassing a revolutionary militia of disenfranchised Fortnite fans who will be rightfully swayed to fight for your cause. With some simple public protesting and propaganda production, this will be easily achievable, especially given one of this week’s Fortnite challenges will have you doing just that.

After you complete the first step of the challenge and have at least 50 willing fighters, you’ll all want to make your way Retail Row, the representative hub of Capitalism on the Fortnite map. There, a group of AI players will spawn—a new feature in Fortnite content update 5.30—that you have to capture and imprison them (check out our separate guide on how to use the shopping cart to catch the bourgeoisie) and occupy Retail Row for the remainder of the game.

Abolish Fortnite V-Bucks: Execute the Fortnite Tsar

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You’ve occupied Retail Row and gained the 5 battle star reward for the challenge. It takes a little more work to abolish Fortnite V-Bucks, though. In your next game (make sure to continue playing in Vanguard mode) you’ll have to get lucky because you’re going to need to execute the Fortnite Tsar. As we all know, the Fortnite Tsar is the internet personality and prolific Fortnite streamer Ninja, aka Richard Tyler Blevins.

In order to do this, you’re going to have to be matched in the same game as him, and you’ll have to first knock him down and then shoot him while he crawls for his crimes against the Fortnite masses. All of this needs to be done with the Fortnite Burst Rifle, the weapon that most closely resembles the Russian AK47.

Abolish Fortnite V-Bucks: People’s Republic of Fortlandia

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After your symbolic execution of the Fortnite Tsar, there’s only one more step you have to take to abolish Fortnite V-Bucks. Ideally in the same game (though this isn’t necessary, as like with some challenges your progress will carry over) you’ll need to enable voice chat and play The Internationale into your microphone. I used my vinyl copy, but if you don’t have yours to hand then playing it on your phone using Spotify will work just as well.

If you’re still playing in Vanguard mode, your microphone audio should broadcast to all of the Fortnite players in the game you’re currently in. Once the whole song has been played, your screen’s color balance should turn red—this is how you know you’ve done it right. Now, whenever you next log in, the Fortnite logo will have been changed to the flag of the People’s Republic of Fortlandia, and all of the outfits, gliders, harvesting tools, emotes, and back bling will be available for free.

There you go! If you followed the steps correctly, your quest to abolish Fortnite V-Bucks will have been successful. This has to be Epic Games’ biggest content update yet, and while there’s not a lot of replayability, it’s always nice to see more variety in how you can experience the Fortnite formula.