Fortnite Shopping Cart Adds an Unlikely Vehicle to Battle Royale

After adding Thanos and jetpacks, shopping carts in Fortnite don’t seem like that outlandish of an addition. Developer Epic Games seems to agree, according to the game’s menu. New pictures captured from various users from Reddit and ResetEra show that the drivable Fortnite shopping cart is becoming a reality.

Fortnite Shopping Carts: When can We Ride Them?

Epic Games has not officially mentioned the addition of drivable shopping carts in Fortnite. However, given the images floating around Reddit and ResetEra, it’s soon. The game usually updates on Tuesday so it could come as soon as May 29th.

Fortnite Shopping Carts: What is their History?

As odd as it seems, players have been asking for drivable shopping carts for some time now. A post on the Fornite Battle Royale subreddit from user Smotpoking from January 2018 with over 1,000 upvotes pleaded with the developers to add the wacky method of transportation. Other users from the thread agreed and it could have been the catalyst for their inclusion.

Although their inclusion is not a surprise for some of Fortnite‘s most dedicated players. Back in early March, some eagle-eyed users on Reddit dug into the game’s files and found clues for Fortnite shopping carts. A whole list of items with “shopping cart” in the name can be seen in the folder called “drivable vehicles.” Epic Games has had a history with leaking items in descriptions, as people mined the game’s files and discovered that jetpacks were indeed coming sometime down the line.

fortnite shopping cart

We don’t know how the shopping carts in Fornite will control but, given their Jackass-like potential, they’ll most likely lead to many viral clips of people crashing and exploding. The jetpack seemed to do that and this style fits the game’s motive of being a more serious alternative to games like PUBG.

In addition to shopping carts, the image also shows that an all legendary weapons limited-time mode is coming, as well as a another Twitch Prime pack.