Tell GR: What game series would you delete forever?

There are some game series that we just get sick of hearing about. Even if we have no intention of buying into them, the idea that they exist is enough to rile us up. Sure, it’d be selfish to request that an entire series be deleted from the face of the Earth just because we didn’t like it… but we’re all a bit selfish, aren’t we?

We asked the GameRevolution editorial team which game series they’d delete forever, and eradicate from the history books for their own benefit. As always, leave your own responses in the comments section below, and we’ll feature our favorite in tomorrow’s Tell GR.

Paul Tamburro, executive editor: “This is a tactical decision on my behalf, but EA Sports UFC. The series is developed by EA Vancouver, which was also the same team behind Fight Night Champion. The Fight Night games were consistently fantastic, and the last entry in the series even had an excellent single-player campaign. EA dropped Fight Night after UFC got popular, but the EA Sports UFC games have never remotely stacked up to the quality of Fight Night. EA Vancouver also worked on Def Jam: Fight for NY with Syn Sophia, so the studio has been responsible for two of my favorite games ever, yet it’s tied up in a sub-par UFC series that even MMA fans don’t really care about. If we got rid of EA Sports UFC, it increases my chances of playing Fight Night Champion 2, and I am all about that life.”

Jason Faulkner, senior editor: “For me, it’d have to be Fortnite. I just don’t like anything about it and I find it incredibly irritating. If we’re going with multi-part game series then I’d say Dark Souls, just so no one could ever use the phrase “it’s the Dark Souls of (blank)” again.”

Mack Ashworth, lead editor: FIFA. The microtransaction curse that EA has infested this game with is truly disgusting, and yet most of its players are too ignorant to realize this. Every year, players build up their Ultimate Team, paying to win and thinking they look cool doing it. Won’t somebody think of the casual gamers?! Delete it!”

Bradley Russell, news editor: “This is gonna be controversial, but I choose Destiny. It’s not only pioneered the games as a live service model that has weighed the industry down this console generation, it also acts as a real roadblock for Bungie’s future potential. Sure, the studio doesn’t have Halo any more but you can’t tell me you want the once-creative geniuses behind Master Chief’s rise tied to this exceptionally milquetoast franchise for the next decade, do you?”

Michael Leri, features editor: “Kingdom Hearts should be put in a Kingdom Hearse. All the dumb spin-offs diluted the series and turned an already convoluted cornball mess of a story into something you’d need a Ph.D. in Keyblade just to understand the overall synopsis. It was once a gift to see Sora near Goofy, now it’s just the dumbest crossover anime that Square managed to tricky Disney into doing.”

Yesterday’s Best Comment

Question: What game deserves a remake?

Davejuh: “No doubt TimeSplitters. My favourite has to be the story mode in Future Perfect. Combine that with all the multiplayer modes and levels from TS 2 and you might have the ultimate party shooter again. Fast, accessible and insanely humorous.”