10 Game Boy games that deserve the Link’s Awakening treatment

Upon its first release, the Game Boy was a technical marvel. You could play NES-quality titles on the go for the first time, and players responded in kind. In 2019, Nintendo’s main console can trace its lineage back to this portable titan, and we’re seeing the same type of excitement among gamers. However, it’s hard to go back and relive some of the best that this older console had to offer. Game Boy games lacked color and featured very simplistic sprites. This level of age will inevitably put off a lot of modern folks. Nintendo knows this, which is why it is bringing games like Link’s Awakening and Metroid 2 into the modern age.

Of course, the Game Boy library is way more than two key games. Nintendo has published plenty of forgotten gems on the system, and a lot of them are good and ready for a rebirth. Nintendo sometimes suffers from having too many franchises, but this type of reimagining is the perfect way to refresh something from the vaults. From Miyamoto’s forgotten Mole Mania to the adventure’s of Mario’s greatest plumbing rival, we’ve collected 10 of the most interesting Game Boy releases. Each one of them is ready for prime time once again.

Not every game on this list warrants a big full-scale remake. Some of the arcade-style releases might work as a digital-only release on the eShop. Some might even work best as Nintendo Online giveaways à la Tetris 99. Whatever the method, it’s good to see that Nintendo is will to preserve its history in this way. Just like films get HD transfers and feature packed Blu-rays, games should receive these remasters from time to time. If for no other reason than to preserve their original intents. Not everyone is going to be OK with going all the way back to the beginning. That doesn’t make a game like Link’s Awakening any less important historically.