10 weapons you want in Apex Legends

One of the most exciting parts of any round of battle royale is the uncertainty. Where will you drop? Can you survive the opening skirmish? Perhaps most importantly, what weapons will you find? Looting crates and rooms in Apex Legends is always a rush, but not every gun is created equal. You’ll be much happier to see some firearms than others, and we know that. That’s why we’ve picked out ten of the best and laid them out on a tarp for your perusal. Here are the 10 weapons in Apex Legends that you definitely want to pick up.

As much as we wish that this gallery could contain evergreen advice, that’s probably not going to be the case. As of this writing, Respawn has just inserted the first new gun into the game, an energy ammo spitting assault rifle called the Havoc. With its unique firing modes and the ability to equip two hop-ups, it’s already one of the most versatile choices in all of Apex Legends. With a full slate of updates and additions incoming, the sky truly is the limit. One can only hope that there will be plenty of great options dropping in soon alongside the game’s upcoming Battle Pass.

We could also see weapons with the potential to combo with each legend’s unique abilities. Will there be a weapon with better accuracy in smokey rooms that Caustic could wield to victory? Perhaps a more accurate handgun for the fast-moving Pathfinder? Will we see more guns make the jump from the Titanfall franchise? Perhaps a certain energy ball grenade launcher could do well on this particular battlefield. We’re only just starting to see the world of Apex Legends expand, and it’ll be exciting to see what this list looks like in just a few short months.