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Apex Legends Havoc Release Date | New Weapons Havoc and L-Star

Apex Legends has been out for a couple of weeks now and more than 10 million players have picked up the game. While it’s certainly been popular, the lifeblood of a battle royale is the measure of how quickly it can come up with new content. Thankfully, the Legends of King’s Canyon are getting their first real piece of new content with a brand new gun: the Apex Legends Havoc release date is February 20, 2019.

Apex Legends Havoc Release Date

For the immediate moment, we don’t know very much about the gun itself; we just have information on the Havoc release date and a short video that we were fortunate to be graced with. The video gives us a very brief glimpse at this newest gun in action.

From what we can see here, it seems that the Havoc is some kind of assault rifle. This particular category of gun is pretty solid as it is; three of the game’s 20 different weapons are in the Rifle category. The R-310 Carbine uses Light Ammo and is fully automatic. The Hemlok Burst AR and VK-47 Flatline use Heavy Ammo and have burst and automatic firing modes, respectively. There is, however, one noticeable ammo type missing.

At the moment, only two guns in the game make use of Energy Ammo. The Triple Take Sniper Rifle and Devotion LMG are weapons that are a little more out there than your standard type of gun. The Havoc, meanwhile, appears to be very different from a standard gun that fires bullets (at least from what we can tell in the painfully short video linked above).

For that reason, the current speculation is that the Havoc will be an assault rifle that makes use of Energy Ammo. Energy Ammo is the most neglected type, so it makes sense that the first new gun added to the game will use these special bullets. What remains to be seen is just how Apex Legends’ newest gun will actually perform in combat. Thankfully, we won’t have to wait too long to find out, as the Havoc release date is February 20, 2019.

Finding the right weapons can be the difference between life and death in Apex LegendsCertain weapons are stronger than others; with a vast array of pistols, assault rifles, shotguns and more to choose from, it’s important to know which are the most powerful weapons. According to recent leaks, it appears that Apex Legends new weapons are expected to be announced soon, with two new high-powered energy rifles joining the arsenal: the HAVOC and L-STAR EMG. Read on to find out more about the potential new energy weapons in Apex Legends.

Apex Legends New Weapons | L-STAR EMG

Apex Legends new weapons

Players with a penchant for LMGs might be finding disappointment in Apex Legends‘ array of weapons, with only two light machine guns currently in the game; the Spitfire and the Devotion. The latter uses energy ammo, with an automatic ramp-up mode capable of firing more rounds when you fire for longer durations. However, this is often only useful in close-quarters, spraying-and-praying your way out of a bad situation. The L-STAR EMG looks to fill this vacancy: a high-powered energy rifle based on the anti-Titan weapon of the same name in Titanfall 2.

According to leaks uncovered by Rez, the L-STAR EMG will trade a lower fire-rate for better accuracy at longer distances, so you can utilize the higher damage of this energy-based LMG at mid-long range. With 21 damage to the body and 42 damage with headshots, the L-STAR EMG has the highest damage of any LMG. Moreover, Titanfall 2′s L-STAR had an unlimited ammo capacity, and instead suffered from overheating if it was fired for too long. If we see the same mechanics in the Apex Legends new weapons, this could prove to be an incredibly versatile weapon for any character. Expect to see the L-STAR EMG appear only in rarer loot drops, potentially restricted to supply drops or high-tier zones on the map.

Apex Legends New Weapons | HAVOC

Apex Legends New Weapons

If you prefer the higher fire-rate of an assault rifle, spraying your enemies with high-calibre ammunition from a HEMLOK or VK-47 FLATLINE, then the HAVOC could be an ideal choice for you. As damage-dealers, these weapons can provide a steady burst of fire to suppress enemy squads, with a consistent DPS and accuracy. The new energy assault rifle initially surfaced when the character Bangalore’s voice lines included a reference to a HAVOC, apparently able to equip the Selectfire Receiver attachment that the Prowler utilizes to unlock automatic-fire. This suggests that the HAVOC will be able to unlock an extra firing mode with the same rare attachment.

Like the L-STAR EMG, the HAVOC assault rifle is reported to use energy ammunition, dealing more damage with these high-powered rounds. However, the HAVOC has not appeared in any previous Titanfall arenas, so we don’t have much idea of what the weapon will look like. According to the leaks from Rez, this weapon will deal 18 damage to the body, and 36 damage with headshots, equal to that of the burst-fire HEMLOK. The new energy assault rifle also appears to have a comparable DPS and slightly higher recoil over other weapons of its category, with both a single-fire and automatic firing mode.

The HAVOC’s Charged Shot

Apex Legends new weapons

However, the HAVOC stands out from other assault rifles in its attachments; as mentioned above, this energy weapon could have an alternate, more powerful firing mode unlocked by certain rare attachments. In fact, YouTuber Shampooh has reported that the HAVOC assault rifle will be able to use charged shots when three rare attachments are all equipped to the new energy weapon. The attachments in question are the Selectfire Receiver, the Precision Choke, and the Turbocharger.

Previously, these attachments unlocked different abilities for other weapons, but when combined with the HAVOC, they could unlock charged shots of 90 damage to the body, at the cost of five energy ammunition. While this seems powerful, it will be difficult for players to locate all three rare and legendary attachments to unlock this firing mode, and the weapon itself could likewise be limited to rarer loot drops. If you’re hoping to utilize the HAVOC’s charged shot when the new rifle is released, try and land in the blue zone, focus on the high-tier locations, or use Lifeline’s ultimate ability to have a higher chance of equipping the three attachments.