Box art - Pokemon Sword and Shield

Ranking the best new Pokemon in Pokemon Sword and Shield

The brand new Pokemon Sword and Shield has been announced exclusively for Nintendo Switch. In the announcement trailer, we got a look at its world (the vast Galar Region) and the new Pokemon we’ll be able to catch. But what’s the best new Pokemon of the three that have been announced? While we don’t have stats on these new starters just yet, we did get a good look at their designs, and enough to decide which Pokemon Sword and Shield new Pokemon is our favorite.

The short Pokemon Direct gave us details on the seemingly Britain-inspired Galar Region, but it didn’t delve into too many details regarding new Pokemon. In fact, all we saw were the three new starter Pokemon. Rather than breaking tradition, Game Freak and Nintendo decided to stick with the tried ‘n’ tested by having a standard mixture of Grass, Fire, and Water-type starters. We rank them from best to worst below:

Pokemon Sword and Shield new Pokemon Ranked | Grookey

Pokemon Sword and Shield Starter Pokemon

Grookey is your Grass-type starter Pokemon in Sword and Shield. While we have had Grass-type monkeys in previous Pokemon games and a Fire-type chimp starter in Chimchar, Grookey stands above the rest. I mean, look at those orange gloves. He’s ready to take out the trash with those things on.

Grookey’s design is understated compared to the garish Pansage and Simisage, and a little cooler than Chimchar (sorry buddy). It looks like a mischievous Pokemon and could evolve into a Grass/Fighting-type. We can just imagine the final beast it might turn into. A big powerful grass gorilla anyone?

Pokemon Sword and Shield new Pokemon Ranked | Sobble

Pokemon Sword and Shield new Pokemon

While we think Grookey just edges this contest, Water-type Sobble isn’t far behind. Although it’s water lizard design might be a little similar to the fan-favorite Mudkip (inasmuch as it’s a water lizard), it does look decent, if a little strange. And sad. So very sad.

Something of a cowardly (or stealthy) ‘Mon, Sobble will hide underwater and attack its enemies while submerged. We can’t picture Sobble’s evolved forms at this point. It could go further down the squishy-but-cute path, or do a flip on us and end up rivaling Feraligatr’s mean look. This water lizard could literally become anything and any type matchup. Potentially, we could see this one heading into the Psychic-type realm, simply based on its looks alone. We’ll have to wait and see.

Pokemon Sword and Shield new Pokemon Ranked | Scorbunny

Pokemon Sword and Shield new Pokemon

The Fire-type starter, Scorbunny, is the weakest design of the three in our opinion. We’ve had rabbit Pokemon before in Buneary, Lopunny, Bunnelby, Diggersby, and Azumarill, but Scorbunny is the worst of the lot. Sorry, Scorbunny, but with your grin, you look like something out of a 1980s/90s live-action/cartoon crossover. But not a good one like Who Framed Roger Rabbit.

While Scorbunny’s design is poor, thankfully, it looks like it will be an interesting Pokemon to use. The trailer gave us a glimpse into Scorbunny’s Sonic-like speed, leaving the grass burning after it hopped away. Hopefully, Scorbunny’s evolved forms fare off better in the looks department, though. We could see it evolve into Fire/Normal-type or Fire/Fairy-type. Who knows, though? All three starter Pokemon in Sword and Shield may just continue with one type throughout.