Devil May Cry’s Dante and his many cameos in other games

Devil May Cry is probably one of Capcom’s most successful ventures from the PlayStation 2 days. Originating as a failed Resident Evil sequel, it kicked off the “stylish action” subgenre all on its own. Focusing on high octane action and plenty of combos, Devil May Cry and its descendants are highly valued classics and replayed by fans constantly. Since he inspired such a loyal fanbase, it’s only natural that he’d make the rounds in a series of other projects as a guest character. While it may be a meme nowadays, that sticker is still a mark of quality if you’re looking for cool dudes. Here is a gallery featuring Dante from the Devil May Cry series.

Besides the direct appearances, our favorite devil hunter has also made a few even briefer cameos over the years. Ken Masters has a Dante-themed skin in Street Fighter 5, pairing with Ed’s Nero skin for a Devil May Cry 4 tag team surprise. Going back further in time, Dante had plants at one point to appear in both SNK vs Capcom: SVC Chaos and Bandai Namco’s Soul Calibur 3. Sadly, these appearances ended up canceled before they could take shape.

Outside of the world of games, Dante has built up a fine career. Several Japanese books cover the moments between the action, including his younger days as “Tony Redgrave.” He also has his own 12-episode anime series and a play that pairs him with characters from Japanese exclusive Capcom franchise Sengoku Basara. Of course, with this kind of merchandise, you can expect plenty of toys and other trinkets to purchase if you’re so inclined. Just don’t confuse him for Dante the dog from Moana if you’re looking for him as a Funko Pop. This may change with the new game, but he hasn’t made the jump to wide-eyed statues as of yet.