What Switch owners can look forward to in 2019

When was your last rooftop party? It has been a killer first two years for Nintendo’s newest system. We’ve seen plenty of reasons why Nintendo has returned to a place of prominence. From ports of the best of indie gaming to Nintendo’s always stellar first-party lineup, you’ll always find something to enjoy. What specific somethings are coming in 2019? Well, just page through this convenient collection of images and words and you too can gain this knowledge. This is everything Switch owners can look forward to in 2019 so far.

While the games listed above cover a good chunk of the year, it won’t be everything Nintendo has in store for Switch owners. We are still a few months away from E3, where there’s always plenty of surprises to fill out the year. The much-anticipated Metroid Prime 4 may be restarting development, but we can still use updates on Bayonetta 3 and Animal Crossing. Plus, who knows what secret projects the Big N has been working on in the background? We have our ideas as to what franchises we’d like to see hit Switch, but you can never tell what they’re thinking.

Of course, this list isn’t definitive. Outside of the countless ports from PC and past generations, there are plenty of other interesting releases to play on the go. Ubisoft has plans to release Assassin’s Creed 3 in its remastered state. Hopefully in a better state than what was shown in the recent Direct.

Capcom has several Resident Evil ports hitting soon, thus verifying that no console is complete without Resident Evil 4. Heavy hitters like Darksiders Warmastered EditionMortal Kombat 11, and Dead by Daylight will all also be available in the palm of your hands before the year is out. So, stock up on chips, crank the tunes, and get ready for HD Rumble. Nintendo’s going strong into the last year of the 2010s.