Top 10 Super Mario Maker 2 enemies we want to see

One of the thrills of Super Mario Maker is seeing a mix of elements you’ve never seen before in styles you’ve never dreamed of. Super Mario World Bowser out of his Clown Car, Boos in the original Mario Bros, and more make it a madhouse of new sprites and creative interpretations. The first game hit a lot of the heavy hitters, but not all of them. What is a sequel for if not to stretch the boundaries of the original in weird and exciting ways? There’s plenty of room to expand in Nintendo’s upcoming sequel. Here are the top 10 Super Mario enemies we want to see in Super Mario Maker 2.

Anyone who played the original Super Maio Maker knows how exciting the prospect of a full sequel really is. Nintendo seems to know this too. Their teaser trailer showed off a lot of stuff that only fans would be into. Your average player isn’t going to notice that slopes are in, but the scores of level designers making new tracks will certainly love the inclusion. The same applies to any Super Mario enemies that make the final roster after suffering exclusion from the first game.

We know that you can’t have every Super Mario enemy in one game, but the ones we’ve listed here feel like must have inclusions. Maybe they’ll be in the final release, maybe they’ll be additions like the donut from the first game. Maybe will see new variations on them for the first time. Fire Ninjis? Soccer Chargin’ Chucks? Maybe you’d even be able to ride Iggy’s Ball across a stage like Kuribo’s Shoe. Super Mario Maker opens up so many possibilities, and the wait for its late June release is only made harder when you think up these possibilities. Take on the 100 Mario Challenge in your dreams this month and in real life after E3.