Super Mario Bros. 35 glitch lets players unlock every level in the game

A newly discovered Super Mario Bros. 35 glitch allows players to unlock every single level in the game. While unlocking new courses in the Nintendo Switch game is typically a lengthy process, this glitch gives lets players easily play previously inaccessible levels.

The Super Mario Bros. 35 glitch was uncovered by Twitter user Supper Mario Broth, showing players how to play levels in the game even if they don’t have them unlocked. After players then beat these levels in a 35-Player Battle, they will unlock permanently.

How to do the Super Mario Bros. 35 glitch

To take advantage of the Super Mario Bros. 35 glitch, players must navigate to the 35-Player Battle mode’s ‘select a course’ menu and hover over a previously unlocked level that has a locked stage beneath it. From there, they can press down on the d-pad plus the A button simultaneously. If done correctly, the game will select the locked stage, and it will be placed in the pool of levels that players will get a chance to play. Players must then complete this stage in order to unlock it.

Repeating this input can eventually unlock every level in Super Mario Bros. 35, dramatically speeding up the otherwise time-consuming process of playing new courses in the game. As its 35-Player Battle mode typically pulls levels from the first two Worlds in Super Mario Bros., the glitch lets player instead throw in levels from previously locked Worlds. For instance, if a player presses down plus A on World 3-1, World 4-1 will be selected and placed into the level pool.

Performing this glitch until all levels are unlocked will still eat up a lot of time, though it’s much quicker than hoping these levels appear in the rotation at random. Nintendo will presumably patch this glitch out sooner rather than later, so those who want to fast-track Super Mario Bros. 35‘s unlocks will need to act fast.