Box art - Super Mario Bros. 35

Super Mario Bros 35 | Can you unlock more characters?

Mario might be the hero of many Super Mario Bros games, but he’s not the only brave character in the roster. Luigi, Peach, Yoshi, and Toad have all had their moments to shine, and it would be awesome to play as them in the new Mario battle royale game. So, can players unlock more characters in Super Mario Bros 35?

Can you unlock characters in Super Mario Bros 35?

can you unlock more characters in super mario 35

Luigi would definitely be my go-to choice for new Super Mario Bros 35 characters, though Waluigi is a close second! Are we stuck with Mario? Or is there an opportunity to unlock more characters?

No, it’s not possible to unlock more characters in Super Mario Bros 35. Mario is the only character users can play as.

It would have been very cool to see Luigi as a level unlock, or maybe Yoshi during certain levels, but that isn’t the case. Mario is the only choice, so players should get used to playing as the red-hatted plumber.

With Super Mario Bros 35 only out for a limited time, it’s unlikely that the game will see any major updates that add new characters. However, with the game already being pretty robust in terms of number of levels and challenges, it’s possible that a Super Mario Bros battle royale will appear again in the future.

Mario might be the master of head-bouncing and tossing fireballs, but he isn’t control of time and space. To win in Super Mario Bros 35, players need to keep track of time. Learn how to increase the timer here.

Those struggling to unlock levels quickly will want to give this guide a read. Stop replaying World 1-1 and spice things up with 2-2, 3-1, or even 2-4!

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