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How to increase the timer in Super Mario Bros 35

Super Mario Bros 35 has launched on Nintendo Switch, combining two unlikely elements in the form of Mario and battle royale. Much like other BR titles, the key to victory is to survive for the longest. However, being the last Mario standing can be tricky, especially if time runs out. Here’s how to increase the timer in Super Mario Bros 35.

How to get more time in Super Mario Bros 35

How to increase the timer in Super Mario Bros 35

While there are many paths to victory in Super Mario Bros 35, being able to get more time is always going to be an advantage. While powerups and coins are helpful, in addition to sending enemies to other screens, increasing the timer should be a player’s first priority.

The following actions increase the timer in Super Mario Bros 35:

  • +1 second per kill with the Fire Flower powerup.
  • +2 seconds per kill by jumping on an enemy (with an additional +1 for jumping on another enemy).
  • +15 seconds for picking up powerup when Mario is already at max power. (Fire Flower, etc.)
  • Bonus time for touching the flag.
  • Significant bonus time for completing the level.
  • additional with the flag

While it awards the least amount of extra time, using a powerup to quickly (and safely) get kills is going to be a player’s best bet. However, those who can accurately bounce on enemies’ heads will benefit from bonus seconds.

Keep your eye on the timer to know when you should stay and fight, or sprint ahead to the next level.

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