Tell GR | Which forgotten Nintendo series needs to return at E3 2019?

We’re fast approaching E3 2019, and with Sony deciding to abstain from attending the event this year, Nintendo and Microsoft are left to carry the flag for the “Big Three.” As always, Nintendo fans are hoping that the company will resurrect a number of its popular but oft-forgotten franchises, following on from the unexpected reveal of Metroid Prime 4 during last year’s E3 Nintendo Direct.

So which “dead” Nintendo franchise would you like to see revived at E3 2019? Maybe F-Zero should make a comeback, given how the last home console entry in the series was F-Zero GX on the Gamecube. Due to his ongoing representation in Smash Bros, Captain Falcon remains a well-known name in Nintendo’s pantheon of mascots, and plenty of racing fans would be delighted to see the Blue Falcon drift onto the Switch. Ness is another character who has remained relevant thanks to Smash, with EarthBound being one of the most beloved RPG series despite Nintendo having all but forgotten the franchise.

But those are just the big names. What about the likes of Golden SunAdvance WarsCustom Robo, and StarTropics? Let us know which Nintendo-published franchise YOU would like to see on the Switch, and we’ll feature our favorite response in tomorrow’s Tell GR!

Friday’s best Tell GR response

Question: “What do YOU think Death Stranding is about?”

DJJ66: “Troll game, the game. A Hideo Kojima Game, Directed by Hideo Kojima.”