Nintendo E3 2019 Preview | Confirmed titles, what to expect, and rumors

The Nintendo E3 2019 Direct is bound to be an exciting one as the company continues to ride the momentum of the Nintendo Switch. Like previous years, Nintendo will be showing off its gameplay trailers and new announcements in a pre-recorded Nintendo Direct video presentation. Previous videos have gone in-depth on the company’s biggest titles such as Super Smash Bros. Ultimate and revealed upcoming games like Metroid Prime 4.

Check out our Nintendo E3 2019 Direct preview so you know exactly what to expect from the Switch this year when it streams live on Tuesday, June 11 at 12 PM ET.

Nintendo E3 2019 Conference Preview | What you most likely expect

nintendo e3 2019 preview

Even though Nintendo hasn’t confirmed anything, it still has a number of 2019 releases that we haven’t seen a ton of. Expect that to change drastically during its E3 2019 Nintendo Direct. One of the major releases getting a spotlight will be Luigi’s Mansion 3, which doesn’t have an official name just yet. The follow-up to the Nintendo 3DS exclusive Dark Moon will see the spooky adventure series returning to consoles.

We’ll get our first look at gameplay and a release date if it winds up still coming out this year like it was previously announced. There are a lot of potentially innovative ways for the vacuum-centric title to use the Joy-Con controllers. It will be interesting to see what direction Nintendo takes it in and if the publisher chooses familiarity or embrace motion controls for a more unique experience.

We got a solid look at Fire Emblem: Three Houses last year as the company dived into its multi-faceted story and characters. Nintendo will once again dive into the turn-based role-playing game before it comes out this time around. Expect for new features to be highlighted as Nintendo continues to push more 3DS owners to buy its latest piece of hardware. It also marks the first mainline Fire Emblem title for consoles since Fire Emblem: Radiant Dawn for Nintendo Wii.

The highly anticipated Link’s Awakening remake for the Switch might also show up. While not as known as other entries, it’ll be exciting to see more of the wondrous island setting recreated in the cute high-definition art style. Since it is a known quantity, and a faithful remake of a game that was released back in 1993, there isn’t a ton to show off. That’s why we suspect that Nintendo will focus on newer titles, but you can probably expect a new trailer and release date at the very least.

Nintendo E3 2019 Conference Preview | Some more of you can probably expect

nintendo e3 2019 preview

It’s pretty safe to expect to hear more about the Nintendo Switch version of Animal Crossing at the show. It’s supposed to release later this year and, judging by Twitter, there will surely be riots if it isn’t featured. Expect it to be one of the main spotlights of the show as it should be far along in development and Nintendo will want to show off all of the new features and innovations after the lackluster mobile offering Pocket Camp.

We’ll also see more of a few titles we already know plenty about thanks to them getting their own individual Directs. While not a focus, we’ll probably get new trailers or details on both Pokemon Sword and Shield and Mario Maker 2. Hopefully it will be Nintendo announcing that it is adding in cooperative online play to the latter rather than strangely leaving it exclusive to local play.

Despite being announced in late 2017, we haven’t had any updates on Platinum Games’ Bayonetta 3. The Nintendo Switch exclusive has a lot of hype due to its predecessor being one of the best character action games ever made, so it makes sense that the studio isn’t rushing to get it out. However, we should hopefully get a debut trailer beyond a logo this time and finally see some footage of everyone’s favorite angel hunter.

Nintendo E3 2019 Conference Preview | What is rumored

nintendo e3 2019 preview

One persistent rumor is that Microsoft’s Game Pass service would be coming to Nintendo Switch. It’s unclear how exactly the subscription would work on the system though, as most of the games on offer aren’t available. Whether it’d be a streaming solution or just select titles being multiplatform, it would still be an interesting and consumer-friendly move should it happen. Microsoft and Nintendo have been friendly for quite some time, and we saw some Xbox Live features in Cuphead on Switch, so it would not be a shocking announcement come E3.

There have been a bunch of rumors surrounding Nintendo but it’s unclear if it’s just fan speculation or if there’s actual merit to them. One such rumor is a Star Fox racing game that would see Fox McCloud and friends return to Nintendo Switch after having an excursion in Starlink. There are also a number of rumors surrounding ports such as a Switch version of The Witcher 3 and the Metroid Prime Trilogy coming to the handheld so fans can bare the wait for Metroid Prime 4. While The Witcher 3 on Switch isn’t as likely, the constant Metroid Prime Trilogy rumors might suggest that it is coming. Just don’t get your hopes for either.

Similar to Microsoft and despite what Nintendo says, it has been reported that Nintendo has two different Switch iterations currently in development. One would be a budget-release that is smaller in size and meant to be cater towards the crowd that has a Nintendo 3DS but not a Switch. The other is an advanced version of the existing hardware that would have a bigger screen and higher specs that would allow for better performance and graphics.

This would potentially open up the device to stronger ports and better virtual reality offerings and would be aimed at more hardcore players looking for the best experience. Although Nintendo president Shuntaro Furukawa said not to expect it at E3 this year, this is worth keeping in mind as the latest reports have penciled in the smaller system arriving sooner rather than later. A surprise launch could happen slightly after E3 2019.

While it’s not certain that all of these rumors will pan out, it looks like the Nintendo E3 2019 conference will be well worth your time. GameRevolution will have live coverage of this and every other press conference during E3 2019.