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Luigi’s Mansion 3 For Nintendo Switch and Luigi’s Mansion 3DS Co-Op Announced at Nintendo Direct

Luigi’s Mansion 3 was announced  for Nintendo Switch at today’s Nintendo Direct. It was a great way to kick off a show, but unfortunately, we didn’t get any info other than the game exists. We did get a peek at 2-player co-op and amiibo support for Luigi’s Mansion 3DS which looks awesome.

When Luigi’s Mansion 3 first popped on the screen I thought that we were just going to see some new footage of the Luigi’s Mansion port for 3DS, and I was shocked to see that instead a whole new entry was coming out. Nintendo has really been leveraging their properties lately, and it’s awesome to see Luigi get a chance to take the limelight.

It’s rare that the taller Mario brother stars in a game, which is unfortunate, because the Luigi’s Mansion series is rather good. We figured after 2013 was the Year of Luigi that Nintendo might stop making him second banana, but Mario continue to be the front man for the duo with poor Luigi sometimes not even making it into games. Maybe this is a sign that Nintendo is going to let Luigi have more of his own titles. Imagine a weird spin-off platformer with Luigi and Waluigi facing off (or even partnering up).

Unfortunately, there’s no release date for Luigi’s Mansion 3 yet. Knowing Nintendo it’ll either be out next month or sometime in 2022. Either way, we’re so there for another ghost hunting adventure with our green-bedecked friend.

Luigi’s Mansion 3DS co-op will allow two players to go through the whole game together if both players own a cart. If only one player owns Luigi’s Mansion 3DS, you can still play with a pal, but on a reduced level. With download play you can still do a boss rush together.

Of course, what’s a first-party Nintendo game without amiibo support? Luigi’s Mansion 3DS will let you use four different amiibo during gameplay with various results. Three were revealed at today’s direct:

  • Toad: Heals the player.
  • Boo: Uncovers hidden ghosts.
  • Luigi: Revives the player.

The fourth amiibo you can use is still a mystery for now, but we’ll find out for sure who it is when Luigi’s Mansion 3DS on October 12, 2018.

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