Rumor: Metroid Prime Trilogy Switch Version Incoming

The Game Awards leaks and rumors still have not stopped. A Swedish retailer has stated that a Metroid Prime Trilogy Switch port is incoming and will be unveiled at The Game Awards on December 6. The unconfirmed listing also says that the three-game bundle will come out in early 2019. Nintendo has not commented on this rumor.

While the Swedish listing states that it “is only a rumor but we think it will likely be revealed at the game awards with release early 2019,” other users are pointing to this being much more than a retailer’s educated guess. Liam Robertson, who is better known as Doctor_Cupcakes on Twitter, stated that the Metroid Prime Trilogy Switch version is indeed real, even if the store’s website is based on hearsay. Robertson has been accurate in the past in regard to other Nintendo-based rumors.

This adds yet another rumor to the growing list of possible announcements at The Game Awards. There’s rumblings that an Alien Isolation sequel, a Crash Team Racing remaster, and Dragon Age 4 will make an appearance at the show. None have been confirmed. Although we know that Rocksteady’s next project will not be there as well as WB Montreal’s alleged Batman: Court of Owls title.

Metroid Prime originally came out in 2002 for the GameCube and was met with critical acclaim. Its 2004 follow-up was also beloved as was Metroid Prime 3 when it released on the Wii in 2007. All three were bundled for the Wii in 2009 in the original Metroid Prime Trilogy but the package has become incredibly difficult to find in recent years. This new re-release would help solve that shortage and reintroduce Metroid Prime to a whole new audience.

While Nintendo has mostly been re-releasing Wii U on the Switch, a Metroid Prime Trilogy Switch port would help build hype for the eventual Metroid Prime 4. Nintendo announced Metroid Prime 4 back in E3 2017 with a brief teaser trailer but has remained mum about the game since then.