Mandatory Gaming Fails of the Week 6/7/2019

It’s finally Friday, which means it’s time for your Mandatory Gaming Fails of the Week round-up. This is where we pull together all of the big video game fails that happened over the last seven days, and give them the spotlight that they deserve (but probably don’t want). If you find yourself wanting more content like this, be sure to visit But now, let’s jump into those fails!

gaming fails

Shenmue 3 delayed until November

Gamers who are eagerly awaiting the launch of Shenmue 3 will be sad to hear that the title has been delayed. Instead of launching on August 27, the game will now be releasing on November 19 (assuming there are no further delays).

Fortnite cheaters ‘XXiF’ and ‘Ronaldo’ qualify for World Cup

Despite having been caught cheating during earlier rounds, Fortnite players Damion “XXiF” C. and Ronaldo “Ronaldo” Mach have now successfully qualified for the game’s World Cup event. The pair received a 14-day suspension for cheating, after which they were allowed to successfully enter and win. Understandably, this is a controversial result.

gaming fails

Naughty Dog shutting down Uncharted 2, Uncharted 3, and The Last of Us multiplayer servers

If you’re a PS3 owner who’s been enjoying a bit of Uncharted 2Uncharted 3, and/or The Last of Us multiplayer, you’ll be sad to hear that Naughty Dog is shutting down all multiplayer servers on September 3. Get those final games in quickly!

Apple Mac Pro release date revealed, price starts at $5,999

The new Mac Pro, which is primarily aimed at professionals with large budgets, has been revealed to have a starting price of $5,999. That is the base version, with the price increasing as more hardware is added. What’s more, the system’s 6K monitor is also priced at $5,000, with an optional $1,000 stand. Naturally, this premium-priced product has gotten a lot of tech fans riled, as it’s an awful lot of money.