Fortnite cheaters ‘XXiF’ and ‘Ronaldo’ qualify for World Cup

A pair of former Fortnite cheaters have qualified for the Fortnite World Cup. Damion “XXiF” C. and Ronaldo “Ronaldo” Mach have completed the World Cup Qualifiers with 91 points for the NA East Region, scoring them a cool $6,500 and enough points to secure the No. 3 position in the region. As the top three players from each region are automatically entered in the World Cup, the duos pair will be making their way to the $30 million tournament.

Dexerto reports that Damion ‘XXiF’ C. and Ronaldo ‘Ronaldo’ Mach had found themselves in hot water after video emerged showing XXiF teaming up with other players during a Solos qualifier. The revelation of this foul play led to a 14-day suspension from competitive play for the both of them and the forfeit of XXiF’s qualifying spot in Solos.

However, the pair of former Fortnite cheaters were allowed to return to competition following the conclusion of their suspension. They continued to work their way up the ladder, eventually scoring enough points to secure the No. 3 position and gain automatic entry to the Fortnite World Cup as a duos pair.

Although the former Fortnite cheaters have certainly done an amazing job with their comeback, it remains to be seen whether or not Epic Games will allow them to go through to the World Cup. On the one hand, Epic Games has ruled that they’ve hurt the integrity of a competition by violating the rules that were in place. On the other hand, they’ve sat out the games that were mandated by their 14-day suspension and have managed to rally in the little bit of time they’ve had remaining.

Epic Games will probably be taking a hard look at their footage during the qualifying matches to ensure that everything was on the level. Should it prove that they played honestly, the odds are good that these former Fortnite cheaters may have a shot at redemption in the Fortnite World Cup.