PlayStation Franchises That Sony Should Revive Next | From The Legend of Dragoon to Syphon Filter

A lot of great games have released for PlayStation since the brand debuted 25 years ago. Though fans continue to see the likes of Kratos and Ratchet, many franchises in Sony’s wheelhouse have been dormant for years. And with all the rumors swirling of another Ape Escape game and the recent Activision-owned Crash Team Racing Nitro-Fueled, it makes it easy to think about the other titles that should be resurrected in the near future. After all, nostalgia is a force to be reckoned with.

PlayStation Classics That Sony Should Revive Next | The Legend of Dragoon


One of the original PlayStation’s best JRPGs, The Legend of Dragoon, demands the remake treatment, as its script is rife with translation errors and a clichéd narrative. In addition to fixing these issues, a modern revival of Japan Studio’s classic should overhaul the game’s cinematics and preserve its challenging turn-based combat. With the genre experiencing a resurgence in recent years thanks to the likes of Dragon Quest 11 and Final Fantasy 15, now would be a great time for Sony to jump in on the bandwagon.

PlayStation Classics That Sony Should Revive Next | SOCOM


It’s surprising that SOCOM hasn’t returned yet, given the popularity of online third-person shooters like Fortnite and The Division and more realistic shooters like Rainbow Six Siege. A remake of the first game on Sony’s next generation of hardware could incorporate live-service elements to keep multiplayer fans invested in the platform, though the series’ realistic aesthetic and lack of respawns should be preserved. The ability to play the title’s campaign cooperatively either locally or online should also carry over, as neutralizing terrorist strongholds is always more fun with a buddy in tow.

PlayStation Classics That Sony Should Revive Next | Twisted Metal

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With a Twisted Metal television series on the horizon thanks to Sony’s PlayStation Productions initiative, one can hope that a video game reboot is also arriving soon. A new iteration can reintroduce fans to Sweet Tooth and reimagine the franchise’s popular multiplayer modes. Though the standard Deathmatch and Last Man Standing options should be included for newcomers, veterans should be treated to an improved version of Nuke Mode. For those that may be unaware, this feature challenges players to abduct team leaders, strap them onto nuclear missiles, and pilot the projectiles to statues on the opposing side. It’s suffice to say that a Twisted Metal remake could be crazy in all the right ways.

PlayStation Classics That Sony Should Revive Next | Jet Moto


Jet Moto remake makes sense given the absence of racing exclusives on Sony’s platform outside of Gran Turismo and Driveclub. What makes the franchise stand out from other games in its genre is its hoverbikes, the likes of which can grapple onto magnetic poles in order to help players navigate around tight turns or cross chasms. Jet Moto also includes checkpoints and forces fans to repeat a course in both directions in order to complete a lap. This keeps competitors on their toes, as the likelihood of getting hit by a stage hazard is doubled. A remake should preserve the title’s grueling difficulty but add in an online multiplayer component for those players who’d rather be beaten by human opponents.

PlayStation Classics That Sony Should Revive Next | Resistance


The Resistance series is one of PlayStation 3’s best exclusive offerings. Despite the critical acclaim it received from 2006 to 2011, Sony hasn’t spoken a lot about the it during the PlayStation 4 era and developer Insomniac Games stated last year that it probably won’t return to the franchise anytime soon. The next studio that takes up the series’ reins should try its best to preserve Resistance‘s alternate history timeline and reiterate upon the gameplay that made the numbered entries so satisfying to play. Resistance 2‘s popular Skirmish mode should also make a comeback, just in case today’s fans missed out on the title’s 60-player multiplayer frenzy 10 years ago.

PlayStation Classics That Sony Should Revive Next | Jak

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Though a new Jak probably won’t involve series creator Naughty Dog, Sony could enlist the help of a second-party developer to bring it to life. The studio that decides to take on the project could take on some of the ideas that were explored between 2006 and 2010, including a more realistic world and contemporary mechanics. Though fans would prefer that the series stick to its platformer roots, a repeat of 2009’s The Lost Frontier should be avoided at all costs.

PlayStation Classics That Sony Should Revive Next | Syphon Filter


Now would be a great time for Bend Studio to return to its Syphon Filter series, as it just finished work on Days Gone and there currently aren’t many stealth action games on the market especially since Solid Snake has been KIA and Sam Fisher is MIA. Gabriel Logan and Lian Xing’s first attempt to contain the series’ titular virus could benefit from updated graphics and an improved frame rate. Though the game’s AI is impressive as is, a modern revival should learn from Metal Gear Solid 5 or Hitman‘s patrols to make Gabe’s globe-trotting adventure feel more immersive and modern. If Sony wants to continue its streak of exciting single-player releases, it should into reviving this long dormant franchise as soon as possible.

With Ape Escape possibly making a comeback and the MediEvil revival arriving this October, now is a great time to be a PlayStation fan. For many people in the community, Sony’s line of consoles evokes fond memories of staying up late at night to defeat a boss or goofing around with friends in multiplayer. Here’s hoping that the brand continues to make fans smile for years to come and that Sony doesn’t lose sight of the history that makes it special.