Best EA Access Games | From Battlefield 1 to Titanfall 2

Since its debut on Xbox One five years ago, EA Access has consistently updated its catalog with some of the EA’s most beloved properties. Given the subscription-based service’s upcoming anniversary on the system and its debut on PlayStation 4, it’s time to take a look at the best EA Access games. Keep in mind that the following list comprises of titles currently available on EA Access for Xbox One. It’s unlikely that all will appear on the PS4 EA Access games list when it launches on July 24, as the platform lacks a backward compatibility feature.

Best EA Access Games | Dead Space

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Dead Space reinvigorated the survival horror genre when it launched in October 2008, as it tasks fans with exploring a decrepit mining ship filled with grotesque space creatures called Necromorphs. Players must unlearn the typical video game convention of aiming for the head, as weak points on these aliens are often located on torsos and limbs. Stasis and kinesis abilities allow users to slow down time and use the environment around them whenever they feel overwhelmed, and a variety of weapons like the rotary saw and high-energy demolition beam allow them to mutilate foes in style. Dead Space is the video game equivalent of Ridley Scott’s Alien, as it isn’t afraid to be unique and challenge the survival horror genre’s norms.

Best EA Access Games | Mass Effect

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Mass Effect‘s greatest strength lies in its implementation of player choice. The relationships that players are able to forge with their crew feel genuine thanks to believable dialogue trees and well-illustrated personalities. It helps that the game’s narrative unfolds like a science fiction novel, as it’s filled with expeditions to strange planets across the galaxy and culminates in an all-out attack on Sovereign, a Reaper capable of destroying all life in the Milky Way. Though Mass Effect‘s third-person shooter elements don’t always mesh well with its RPG mechanics, it’s certainly worth a playthrough by anyone who’s remotely fascinated by Star Wars or Star Trek.

Best EA Access Games | Mirror’s Edge

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Mirror’s Edge is, in a word, unconventional. As a courier named Faith Connors, players are instructed to jump across rooftops, climb walls, and speed down zip-lines from a first-person perspective while avoiding the gaze of an oppressive government regime. The title’s heavy reliance on parkour may seem disorienting at a glance. However, Mirror’s Edge‘s gameplay is actually quite satisfying once players learn to use Faith’s speed and momentum to their advantage. While the main campaign offers enough challenge on its own, a time attack mode further entices players to memorize the title’s physics and nail every step, jump, and swing required to earn a position on the leaderboard. Mirror’s Edge is different in a good way and is worth looking into by video game fans willing to try something new.

Best EA Access Games | Battlefield: Bad Company 2

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Battlefield: Bad Company 2‘s multiplayer mode rivals that of today’s Call of Duty games, as it’s easy to pick up but hard to put down once players get the hang of its first-person shooter mechanics. Large maps, destructible buildings, and densely populated environments add a degree of realism to the fight and at times can distract players from pinpointing an enemy’s position in the distance. This same level of immersion can be found in Bad Company 2‘s lighthearted single-player campaign. Battlefield fans who have yet to check out this entry should do so through EA Access, as it offers a unique charm unseen in modern entries.

Best EA Access Games | Titanfall 2

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Titanfall 2 improves upon its predecessor in every way. Its multiplayer mode incentives fans to keep playing thanks to a fleshed out progression system and six new Titans. Teamwork is more important here than it is in the first Titanfall, as maps are smaller and players can easily fall prey to enemy traps. Fans who grow tired of getting their asses handed to them online can enjoy Titanfall 2‘s short but sweet single-player campaign, which features impressive level design, pitch-perfect pacing, and some hilarious dialogue courtesy of Titan companion BT-7274. This sequel is the complete package and deserves more attention by first-person shooter aficionados, especially those with experience playing the original title or Apex Legends.

Best EA Access Games | Battlefield 1

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Battlefield 1 takes risks by revolving around the first World War, as this conflict isn’t as widely known as World War 2. In both the game’s single-player War Stories campaign and multiplayer component, developer EA DICE pays careful attention to detail with its faithful rendering of weapons like bolt-action rifles, sabers, trench clubs, and mustard gas. Vehicles like heavy tanks, armored trains, and M-class zeppelins are just as fun to use as they are intimidating to look at. The most refreshing part of the experience may be the ability to ride horses into battle.

That’s not to mention that each one of Battlefield 1‘s protagonists is interesting and offers insights into what the Allied countries were experiencing at various points throughout the war. The game represents a much-needed return to the franchise’s roots and succeeds in being both historically fascinating and addicting to play.

Best EA Access Games | Dragon Age: Inquisition

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It’s not hard to see why Dragon Age: Inquisition won so many Game of the Year awards back in 2014, as the RPG learns from the successes and failures of its predecessors and offers an immersive, dense experience in the world of Thedas. The combat system blends elements found Origins and Dragon Age 2, allowing fans to switch between party members on the fly and pause the action momentarily to assign orders from a top-down perspective. Learning the intricacies of the gameplay is rewarding, and investing time into one’s party can prove to pay off both on and off the battlefield. Fans of fantasy settings, open-world exploration, and well-written narratives may find a lot to like about Inquisition.

There’s a good chance that EA Access will include more titles and features in the future, especially as competitors like Ubisoft begin to launch subscription services of their own. Here’s hoping that new projects like Star Wars Jedi: Fallen Order and FIFA 20 launch on the service sooner rather than later, and that EA does its best to maintain the platform’s quality in the months and years ahead.