The Wolf Among Us 2 and Telltale sequels we need ASAP

Now that Telltale Games has been resurrected by LCG Entertainment, it’s time for the developer to pick up where it left off last year. Sequels to The Walking Dead and a Stranger Things series may no longer be on the table, but there are plenty of other fan favorites that the studio should return to before fans forget or lose interest. Be warned that spoilers may be found within each entry below.

Telltale Series That Need Sequels | The Wolf Among Us

The Wolf Among Us 2, Telltale Games

The Wolf Among Us‘ epilogue leaves fans with a huge cliffhanger, as protagonist Bigby Wolf questions whether or not his informant Nerissa is actually another character named Faith in disguise. Way back in the first episode of the series, Faith is beheaded after the Crooked Man and his goons learn of her plot to free herself, Nerissa, and other Fabletown women from a life of prostitution. Right before her death, Faith claims that Bigby isn’t as bad as everyone says he is. This is the same exact line that Nerissa uses when the sheriff walks away from her during the game’s finale.

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Telltale has yet to answer how the two characters are related or if they are indeed the same person. The explanation may be worth an entire sequel, as there are undoubtedly all sorts of magical glamours at play here. However, if Telltale would like to maintain the series’ mysterious “film noir” vibe, it could choose to ignore the scenario and focus on another investigation set within the Fables universe. So long as Bigby and Snow White return, plenty of Telltale fans will be happy.

Telltale Series That Need Sequels | Tales from the Borderlands

Telltale Games

What makes Tales from the Borderlands stand out from every other Telltale title is its comedy. Each one of its episodes deliver genuinely funny moments that audiences of all ages can enjoy. Vasquez having an imaginary shoot-out with an army of accountants or Rhys having a bro moment with Vaughn, for example, are two scenes that fans won’t soon forget.

With Borderlands 3 finally upon us, it would make sense for the resurrected Telltale to develop a follow-up to the beloved series. The sequel could answer where exactly Rhys and Fiona were transported at the end of the first title or what became of the Children of Helios. Of course, it wouldn’t be complete without the return of the all-star cast that appeared in the original series, including Troy Baker, Laura Bailey, Nolan North, and Dave Fennoy.

Telltale Series That Need Sequels | Batman: The Enemy Within

Telltale Games

It would make sense for the new Telltale to develop another sequel in its Batman: The Telltale Series franchise, as Batman: The Enemy Within offers fans an interesting tease during its post-credits scene. After players decide whether or not to retire from vigilantism, Joker, previously known as John Doe, is seen inside an Arkham Asylum cell. Depending on one’s choices throughout the title, Mr. Wayne will either pay Joker a visit or the Joker will burn a doll of the genius billionaire playboy philanthropist, promising to make his future “very, very bright” in the near future.

Telltale’s fascinating take on Batman and Joker’s relationship deserves to be revisited soon, as few other video games, television shows, and comic books have offered such an intimate look at the pair. Carefully melding a former villain into an outstanding citizen is exhilarating, as players must examine their choices carefully lest they set off the wrong switch. It’s a worthy substitute to the high-octane moments featured in Rocksteady and WB Montreal’s Arkham franchise, the likes of which has been dormant since 2015. Someone has got to develop a new Batman game, and the revived Telltale seems like a good fit.

Telltale Series That Need Sequels | Minecraft: Story Mode

Telltale Games

Minecraft is experiencing a bit of a resurgence lately thanks in part to coverage by notable personalities like PewDiePie and Jack Black. Telltale should jump in on the game’s recent popularity by offering fans another season of Minecraft: Story Mode. Though the rights to the franchise likely reverted to Microsoft and Mojang in 2018, there’s a chance that the companies could allow Telltale to pick up where it left off given the franchise’s renewed success. The new adventure could pick up right where the second season ended, following Jesse as he hits the road alongside Petra or allowing players to fortify Beacontown’s defenses in preparation for Aiden and the mysterious WP.

As with Tales of the Borderlands, notable talent like Patton Oswalt, Ashley Johnson, and Yuri Lowenthal should return to bring fan favorite characters like Jesse, Petra, and Radar to life. Minecraft: Story Mode is the perfect family-friendly product for Telltale to return to, as it’s easy to pick up and play and doesn’t require a lot of knowledge regarding the franchise. Should the new Telltale want to establish a good foundation for itself, it can’t go wrong with a new season of this series, as the Minecraft franchise overall reached 176 million units sold this past May.

Of course, Telltale should also explore completely new properties going forward. Netflix may not allow the company to develop a Stranger Things adaptation, but that doesn’t mean that games based on other original shows like The Umbrella Academy, Black Mirror, or Mindhunter aren’t possible. Similarly, though Game of Thrones‘ televised run is over on HBO, the network may be willing to allow Telltale to adapt upcoming series like Watchmen and His Dark Materials. The possibilities are endless so long as the studio manages its licenses carefully.