Everything we want to see during the September PlayStation State of Play stream

Sony is set to broadcast another PlayStation State of Play stream tomorrow at 1 PM PT. Given how this is the first stream the company has had since May this year, there’ll undoubtedly be plenty of exciting announcements in store. From more news regarding The Last of Us 2 to more studio purchases, here’s everything we hope to witness during the stream soon.

September PlayStation State of Play Stream Wish List | The Last of Us 2‘s release date

The Last of Us 2 development, Sony, PlayStation State of Play

It’s a given that more The Last of Us 2 footage will be shown off during the next PlayStation State of Play stream, as Naughty Dog confirmed the news via Twitter last week. Though it’s a mystery as to what exactly will be revealed, rumors indicate that fans could be treated to a glimpse of the game’s multiplayer component. Certain members of the press will also be getting a look at the game the same day and while new looks of any kind are certainly appreciated, it’s about time that Sony and the game’s developer give us a clear release date for the title. Nearly every supposed leaks seems to point to The Last of Us 2 launching sometime next February (February 28, 2020 is the rumored date), though nothing has been confirmed yet. A firm date could put all the rumors to rest once and for all.

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The Last of Us 2 shouldn’t be the only star of the stream, however, as Kojima Productions’ Death Stranding maybe deserves another push before its November 8 release date. Other exclusives like Concrete Genie and the MediEvil remake should get similar treatment, as these titles are set to launch on October 8 and October 25, respectively. While these might be better left to small montage trailers, a reminder about all of PlayStation 4’s promising new software just makes a lot of sense, especially before highly anticipated fall games like Call of Duty: Modern Warfare start to steal everyone’s attention.

September PlayStation State of Play Stream Wish List | Another studio acquisition

September PlayStation State of Play Stream Wish List

Sony stole the spotlight from competitor Microsoft at Gamescom this year thanks in part to the announcement that it had acquired Spider-Man developer Insomniac Games. While the move wasn’t exactly unexpected, given the fact Sony has had a relationship with Insomniac since the original PlayStation era, it was a huge blow to the Xbox brand, as the studio is responsible for creating one of Xbox One’s most beloved console exclusives, Sunset Overdrive.

Sony should upkeep the momentum by announcing another buyout during Tuesday’s PlayStation State of Play stream. Though it’s possible that Bluepoint Games will join the company’s Worldwide Studios next, the acquisition of Remedy Entertainment could insult the Xbox brand even further, as the developer made titles exclusively for Microsoft-owned platforms until it launched Control.

Of course, the buyout of other studios like Kojima Productions, GenDesign, and Ready at Dawn would also be exciting, especially considering how Sony has only recently started reinvesting in its Worldwide Studios portfolio. No matter one’s brand preference, it’s thrilling to watch this back-and-forth between Sony and Microsoft unfold as a new generation of consoles draws closer.

September PlayStation State of Play Stream Wish List | The resurrection of a few dormant IPs

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Seeing as how MediEvil is almost out, Sony may be interested in sharing what other long dormant PlayStation IPs it plans to resurrect for its modern and future hardware. An Ape Escape revival seems likely, given how the franchise’s publisher went to great lengths to promote its 20th anniversary this past summer. Considering the success of platformer revivals like the Crash Bandicoot N. Sane Trilogy, now would be a great time for Spike to make a comeback.

Other PlayStation classics like Syphon Filter, Socom, and The Legend of Dragoon would be welcome, as fans have demanded their return for years. A peek at Bluepoint Games’ “re-envisioning” of another franchise would also be appreciated, especially after the studio’s success with its Shadow of the Colossus remake. Sony has a decent past to mine and these State of Play shows are a great place to reveal those nostalgic projects.

September PlayStation State of Play Stream Wish List | Bloodborne 2 or Demon’s Souls Remastered

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Bloodborne 2 announcement may be a little far-fetched given FromSoftware’s current focus on Elden Ring, but it’s possible given how the studio has worked on multiple projects concurrently before. Of course, Sony’s Japan Studio could pick up development of the sequel all on its own, as it did help bring the original game to life. A Bloodborne 2 tease for the Sony’s next console would drive PlayStation and Souls fans wild and could serve as an excellent means of getting them excited for a machine they know little about.

An announcement of a Demon’s Souls remake for modern hardware would also be well-received, as fans have demanded it for a while now. Seeing as how Dark Souls Remastered jumped to the top of sales charts as soon as it released, Sony would be foolish to not revisit this franchise in some form during the next few years.

September PlayStation State of Play Stream Wish List | The new Batman game

September PlayStation State of Play Stream Wish List

After years of teasing, it almost looks like we’re set to get a reveal of the latest Batman game from Arkham Origins developer WB Montreal. There are few old signs, such as hoodies with the Court of Owls symbol on them (think the Illuminati in Gotham), but there are a few recent examples that also hint at this game’s imminent unveiling. While the date moves around, 2019’s Batman Day was on September 21 and was particularly momentous as 2019 is his 80th anniversary. To celebrate, WB gave away six different Batman games on the Epic Games Store.

Those are decent indicators but the biggest hint came in the form of a recent tweet from the WB Montreal Twitter account, which has not tweeted an original tweet since March 2015. Mysterious symbols flash in the embedded video, which seem more than innocent PNGs in the middle of a tweet commemorating Batman Day. Comic writer Scott Snyder also tweeted “Wait for it… #bewarethecourtofowls” before deleting it (which some people were able to archive). This reveal has been building for quite some time but it looks like Batman may be ready to step out of the shadows and show off his new game. And Sony’s State of Play stream may be the best place to do it.

September PlayStation State of Play Stream Wish List | Mortal Kombat 11 Terminator trailer

September PlayStation State of Play Stream Wish List

Sony promised “new game reveals, new content from PlayStation’s Worldwide Studios, and a host of other updates” for this State of Play. And that means that we’re going to get some announcements from games that are already out, which leaves the door open for a trailer for Mortal Kombat 11‘s upcoming Terminator character DLC. He’s releasing on October 8 for Kombat Pack owners but we haven’t seen anything about him since the reveal trailer. Given how the first State of Play showed a throwback MK11 trailer, it makes sense that we could get another trailer in the newest State of Play showing off the highly anticipated guest fighter. The timing also lines up, too, since NetherRealm revealed a gameplay trailer for Nightwolf almost two weeks ahead of his early access release and a similar trailer for Shang Tsung three weeks before he came out. A Terminator trailer for this State of Play would line up nicely with these established traditions and would be a good supplemental update to the previously mentioned big announcements.

The stream may not be the last time Sony shares more information about PlayStation software this year, as the Madrid and Paris Games Weeks are right around the corner, The Game Awards is set to return on December 12, and the publisher may hold still its semi-annual PlayStation Experience. Whatever Sony’s plans are for the next few months, suffice it to say that the future of its PlayStation brand looks bright. Here’s hoping that the next generation of PlayStation hardware lives up to expectations.