PlayStation September State of Play | Start time and date, where to watch, predictions

Since skipping E3 2019, Sony has elected to create Nintendo Direct style video presentations, in which it shares information about its upcoming games with media and players. Announced today on Twitter, the PlayStation September State of Play has been set, and it’s just a few days away. Here is everything you need to know about the upcoming State of Play start time, date, where to watch, and predictions.

PlayStation September State of Play | Start time, date, and where to watch

State of Play

The PlayStation September State of Play livestream will be taking place on Tuesday, September 24, 2019. The stream will kick off at 1 PM PT or 4 PM ET and will last around 20 minutes. If you’re used to watching Inside Xbox or Nintendo Direct’s this probably seems like a short time. However, based on previous State of Play’s, 20 minutes is actually longer than usual.

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There are tons of different places you can watch the September State of Play livestream, as the stream will be live on all of PlayStation’s official TwitchYouTubeTwitter, and Facebook channels. Additionally, GameRevolution will be offering live coverage of the event, so make sure to check our homepage for information on all of the announcements.

PlayStation September State of Play | Predictions

Like most, you’re probably wondering what to expect from the PlayStation September State of Play stream. While there hasn’t been too much information shared, Sony is promising new game reveals, content from PlayStation Worldwide Studios, update information, and a “fresh new look” for the stream. Basically, we will hear about games we know about, games we don’t know about, and probably some updates on games that are already out like Mortal Kombat 11. Terminator is coming to the game on October 8 and Sony could possibly show a trailer of him in the game, which would make sense given the timing and how the first State of Play also had a Mortal Kombat 11 trailer.

Unfortunately, PlayStation said that there would not be an update regarding next-gen plans. While this is disappointing, it doesn’t come as a huge surprise, as an announcement as big as that would deserve a longer and more public showcase. While no one really knows for sure what the PlayStation September State of Play hold, it seems possible that we might get a release date on games like the promising Iron Man VR and The Last of Us 2. The latter seems possible since there is a press event happening that day. However, we will simply have to wait and see.