PlayStation State of Play announced, set to rival Nintendo Direct and Inside Xbox

The PlayStation State of Play video programme has been revealed. PlayStation announced the new series on its website and via its social media channels. The event looks set to rival the likes of Nintendo Direct and Inside Xbox as Sony’s platform to reveal the latest news from within PlayStation.

In a blog post, PlayStation’s director of Social Media Sid Shuman made the announcement. Shuman began by stating “glad to finally be able to talk about this!” before proclaiming the first PlayStation State of Play event will debut on Monday, March 25 at 5 PM ET/2 PM PT/9 PM GMT. The post goes on to say that PlayStation State of Play will “showcase upcoming PS4 and PS VR software.” This will include trailers for new games, new game announcements, and new gameplay footage. PlayStation revealed that the live feed will be available via Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, and Twitch, with the event available to watch in full not long after the event concludes. The March 25 PlayStation State of Play is merely the first in the series. Shuman states the series will run throughout 2019 with “more updates and announcements.”

Sony’s PlayStation State of Play series would seem to be similar to Nintendo’s Direct offering and Microsoft’s Inside Xbox events. As of yet, PlayStation has primarily relied on companies themselves to show off its latest games or simply promoted individual footage of new games. The move follows PlayStation grasping even more autonomy when it comes to promoting its games with the announcement in 2018 that it would be skipping E3 to focus on its own PlayStation Experience event.

Events like Nintendo Direct have become a staple in the calendar for Nintendo. Nintendo has recently used its Direct series to announce games like Pokemon Sword and Pokemon Shield. A Direct also brought about the reveal of the Nintendo Labo VR, a peripheral with reasons to be excited about and reasons to be wary. Nintendo has now also introduced a spin-off to the series with the Nindies event. Nindies showcases independent games available from the company. Nindies March 2019 announced Cuphead and Stranger Things 3: The Game would be coming to the Nintendo Switch.