Fnatic DASH XD Mousepad Review | Is your desk big enough?!

Fnatic is on a bit of a roll with its range of peripherals. I loved the Fnatic STREAK RGB keyboard and I’ve seen the buzz surrounding the company’s headsets. Fnatic has expanded its brand to include not only top-tier esports pros, but also top-tier gaming peripherals, including mousepads. I’ve been using the Fnatic DASH XD mousepad for two weeks now, for both work and play, and I’ve got some thoughts. Here’s the Game Revolution Fnatic DASH XD review.

Fnatic DASH XD Mousepad Review | Size matters

fnatic dash xd mousepad review

When it comes to picking out peripherals for a new gaming setup, it’s easy to overlook mousepads. I think that’s a bit of a crime, however, as a mousepad can have a significant impact on your mouse aim and control. What’s more, when you opt for a larger pad, it can make your desk setup look a lot cleaner.

The Fnatic DASH XD is certainly on the larger size at 950mm X 500mm. This is much larger than what I’ve used before when it comes to the height. The Fnatic DASH L might be more suitable for those with thinner desks at 487mm x 372mm.

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The large surface of DASH XD allows me to place my 60% keyboard to the left, taking up about a third of the space, which leaves two-thirds of the pad for my mouse. Combined with the extra height, this means that I can really swing my mouse around without worrying about going off the edge. With smaller pads, intense gunfights can sometimes send you off the surface, which messes up your aim and can often cost you the match. It’s rare, but it happens.

The Fnatic logo does make an appearance but it’s done tastefully, placed on the bottom right and in silver. If you’re a big Fnatic fan, you’ll be happy to see it, and if you’re not, you won’t be bothered by it. It’s a pretty nice logo, as logos go!

Fnatic DASH XD Mousepad Review | Made to game

fnatic dash xd mousepad review

Speed is also something you have to consider when looking at a new mousepad. I had been using the SteelSeries QcK+, which is a very slow pad. I’d say the Fnatic DASH XD is significantly faster, without being too fast as to send your mouse flying. After a few hours, I felt that my aim became consistent with the DASH XD.

The stitched edge of the Fnatic DASH XD also deserves a mention. Done too loosely, a stitched edge can be uncomfortable to deal with over long periods of time. Rubbing your wrist against abrasive stitching can really cause an issue over a few hours. Thankfully, the DASH XD has a really tight and clean stitched edge, to the point where I’m confident in saying it’s the best I’ve ever felt.

On the base of the pad is non-slip rubber. It works well in the XD size. What with your keyboard and mouse already weighed the pad down, it’s unsurprising to find the mousepad is tough to budge. This is obviously great for those intense gaming sessions, especially when using a higher sensitivity and flinging your mouse around.

Fnatic DASH XD Mousepad Review | Conclusion

fnatic dash xd mousepad review

I’ve loved using the Fnatic DASH XD mousepad. For a relatively fast pad at such a large size, with premium stitching and great surface material, I think this is way up there when it comes to mainstream options. Fnatic has clearly done its research and made what is a genuinely competitive pad for both esports pros and at-home enthusiasts.

The recommended retail price of $54.99 is where Fnatic may lose some potential buyers, as it seems steep when compared to the competition. All I can say is that it feels built to last (and I’ll be testing that firsthand as my new daily driver), plays well, and looks clean. GG, Fnatic!

Fnatic Dash XD Mousepad review unit was provided by Fnatic.