Retro Ad Replay – Left 4 Dead’s 12th Anniversary

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In this November 17 edition of Retro Ad Replay, we’re taking a trip back 12 years to when Left 4 Dead first launched on PC and Xbox 360. That’s November 17, 2008. Developed and published by Valve, this co-op survival horror game pitting up to four players against huge numbers of zombies and special infected.

left 4 dead release date

The GameRevolution Left 4 Dead review awarded the game a score of 4/5, praising the “zombie apocalypse a go-go,” “great team tactics,” “spooky maps,” “Versus mode letting the player be a zombie,” and “randomly generated hordes of zombies.”

Here’s a snippet from the GR review:

The concept of LEFT 4 DEAD (or Left4Dead, if that floats your zombie boat) is simple. You and three other survivors are stuck in the middle of a ZOMBIEPOCALYPSE reminiscent of a George A. Romero film. You struggle through massive undead hordes to get from safehouse to safehouse until you are ultimately rescued… or perish in a savage frenzy.

What can I say? LEFT 4 DEAD is pretty fun. It’s exactly the type of zombie survival game that the genre has been waiting for. The intensity never lets up for one minute from the time you open the safehouse door to your daring escape at the end of each campaign. You will fight for your survival and have a blast doing it. The only thing lacking is a unique single-player experience, but like I said before, it’s just not that type of game. Just think of it as training for the inevitability of the real thing happening.

Check out the Left 4 Dead trailer below (hosted by aarocha3 on YouTube):