Glorious Model O Wireless Review | ‘My favorite wireless mouse’

GLORIOUS MODEL O WIRELESS REVIEW. It’s no secret that I’m a massive fan of Glorious PC Gaming Race’s mice, as both the Model O and Model D impressed in their reviews with top-tier wired performance at a fantastic price. The only potential downside was the cable, with more and more gaming mice moving into the wireless space. Happily, Glorious has been quick to update its Model O lineup with a new wireless variant and the company has somehow done it without compromising on weight. This is the GameRevolution review of the Glorious Model O Wireless.

Lightweight made wireless

Glorious Model O Wireless Review

Though it’s a wireless mouse, there’s still a cable in the box used for charging and an optional wired connection, which comes in clutch for when the battery dies mid-session. It’s a USB-C cable and a good length, using the same “Ascended” design that Glorious fans have come to know and appreciate. Then there’s the USB dongle and an adapter for getting the dongle closer to the mouse for a more reliable connection.

Once charged up, my initial impression of the Model O Wireless was very positive. The additional two grams of weight are imperceptible to me and, honestly, it is perhaps lighter on the lift off since there’s no cable to raise with it. It’s almost magical to have such a lightweight mouse be wireless, since there’s a battery in there, too.

Battery battle

Glorious Model O Wireless Review

When it comes to battery life, Glorious claims up to 71 hours of play time with RGB disabled. I found this to be accurate, lasting a week of use during my work and play hours. Enabling the RGB drastically impacts battery life, with it dying after around 10 hours of use at 100% brightness. If you can go without RGB, charging once a week is a huge advantage compared to the once every day or two with RGB enabled. With that said, the RGB is very bright at 100%, so setting to 10-50% brightness might be a good compromise.

What’s cool is that RGB settings can be set to change when moving from wireless to wired modes and then back again. Users can have a dimmer setting for wireless and a brighter setting for wired, for example.

A winning sensor

Glorious Model O Wireless Review

As we’ve seen with other wireless mice in the gaming space, fears of latency have been reduced with new 2.4 GHz connections. Glorious’ BAMF sensor works flawlessly in my experience, with zero hiccups during my intense twitch shooter gaming marathons. Call of Duty: Warzone, Black Ops Cold War, Apex Legends, and Doom Eternal played with a cable-like quality. BAMF is a winner, for sure.

The original Model O has six clicky, responsive buttons and the Wireless variant is unsurprisingly the same. The software layout is also largely the same, making for a functional but not overbearing experience. Then there are the G-Skates Mouse Feet which deliver on the “low-friction glide” that Glorious promises.

Glorious Model O Wireless Review

At the time of writing, the only wireless mouse Glorious offers is the Model O Wireless. And that is only available in the Matte Black or Matte White colors. I imagine this is the most popular mouse and most popular colors getting the wireless treatment first, but man would I love to see a Glorious Model D Wireless in the Glossy Black.

Glorious Model O Wireless Review | The Final Verdict

Glorious Model O Wireless Review

While other mice have seen a significant markup when going from wired to wireless, the Glorious Model O Wireless is coming in at $79.99. That’s a $30 premium over the wired model, which is relatively generous when you look at the competition.

At under $80, Glorious is offering a flagship wireless mouse that doesn’t compromise on any must-have features and still maintains that lightweight feel that gives a tangible benefit in games. This is now my favorite wireless mouse. The Glorious Model O Wireless is a huge achievement and I continue to be excited to see what this company does next.

Glorious Model O Wireless review unit was provided by Glorious PC Gaming Race