What happened in the Invincible finale ending?

Invincible season 1 has come to an end, with episode 8 wrapping up the show’s first run on Amazon Prime Video. But with the show not wrapping up all of its loose ends, viewers are left with a few questions: where did Omni-Man go? And is Immortal alive or dead? Here’s the Invincible episode 8 ending explained.

Invincible Season 1, Episode 8 ending explained

invincible episode 8 ending explained what happened to omni man

Where did Omni-Man fly to?

Omni-Man leaves his post at Earth, a behavior which is described as unheard-of from Viltrumites by Allen the Alien. Nolan does so after beating his son, Invincible, to a pulp in his efforts to conquer the planet, though he is unable to kill Mark and instead flies into space. While Invincible has deviated from the comics from time to time, given episode 8’s conclusion, it seems likely that Omni-Man’s character arch will follow a similar path.

In Robert Kirkman and Cory Walker’s series, Omni-Man leaves Earth because he realizes he is unable to kill Mark. After doing so, he finds his way to the planet Thraxa, which is inhabited by humanoid insect creatures called the Thraxans. Omni-Man takes over this planet, though is able to do so without force as the Thraxans only have a 9-month lifespan, and place the oldest person on the planet as their de facto leader.

It turns out that Omni-Man now has a child with a Thraxan named Andressa, who is now Invincible’s half-brother. From this point on, both Invincible and Omni-Man eventually get locked into a war with the Viltrumites as a result of Nolan’s betrayal of the empire. It’s unclear exactly how far the animated series will follow along this path, though it’s currently heading in a similar direction to the comics.

What’s the invisible white room?

After Mark wakes up from his coma after his battle with Omni-Man, Cecil brings him to a mysterious, completely white room located within the Pentagon. This room is revealed to actually be completely invisible, with the workers located inside of it shown to be experimenting with alien technology.

Cecil explains that the water Americans drink is laced with a chemical that prohibits them from seeing certain frequencies of light. Cecil continues that this has been used by the GDA frequently in order to keep its activities secret. We’re not sure exactly how this contaminated tap water will affect the rest of the series, though it’s inevitable it’ll be brought up again.

Is Immortal alive or dead?

Despite his second gruesome death at the hands of Omni-Man, Immortal is revealed to be alive in the invisible room. The GDA scientists have somehow put him back together again after he was torn in half by Omni-Man, and viewers can hear the life support machine he is hooked up to beeping away.

In the comics, Immortal rejoins the Guardians of the Globe following his second resurrection. Considering that his path has remained along the same trajectory in the animated series — first resurrected by the Mauler Twins, then in the Pentagon lab — it seems likely that he’ll make a reappearance similar to his place in the comics. Whether that includes yet another confrontation with Omni-Man remains to be seen.

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