Infinity Train fans furiously protest show’s cancellation

The popular Cartoon Network show, Infinity Train, has not been renewed for a fifth season. This animated TV series streams on HBO Max and its creator, Owen Dennis, had plans for a total of eight seasons. Fans of the animated show are causing #FinishInfinityTrain to trend on Twitter as a sign of their displeasure. But, why was Infinity Train season 5 cancelled? Here’s the latest on the developing situation.

Is Infinity Train Book 4 the final season?

Infinity Train Season 5 cancelled

With the conclusion of Infinity Train’s fourth season, the animated series is no more. Owen Dennis, the creator of Infinity Train, reportedly believes that HBO Max finds the show to be inappropriate for children. In the absence of official reasoning, this is the current best explanation for the Infinity Train Book 5 cancellation.

Naturally, fans of Infinity Train aren’t best pleased that they won’t get to see the show reach its natural conclusion. Twitter users are out in force to protest the cancellation and share their desire to see a “proper ending.”

Interestingly, part of the reason for Infinity Train’s initial success is fan support. The series made its understated debut as a standalone YouTube short. When viewers made it clear that they wanted to see more, the concept became a full-on series that ran for four seasons.

That brings things back to the present, where some fans are seeking to make history repeat itself. So far, the plan seems to be going well. An increasing number of users are contributing to the #FinishInfinityTrain trend, which is sure to garner attention from Cartoon Network and HBO Max sooner or later.

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