Captain Marvel 2 trends as fans defend 2022 sequel

Image: Twitter/@chicklitwrites

For the so-called Superhero Day, an innocent fan argument over social media turned into a rush of toxicity towards Captain Marvel 2, causing the movie to trend for all the wrong reasons until fans turned it around with a swell of support for the upcoming 2022 sequel. Other 2022 comic book movies, including The Flash and Black Adam, received similar detractors and supporters during the argument, but none went through the rollercoaster as hard as Captain Marvel 2.

Why is Captain Marvel 2 trending on Twitter?

Captain Marvel 2 2022

It all started with a common point of discussion over social, which in this case was started by Culture Crave on Twitter — out of all the movies they listed, which one has to go? The topic was 2022 superhero movies, which includes Doctor Strange 2, The Batman, Thor: Love and Thunder, The Flash, Black Panther 2, Black Adam, and Captain Marvel 2.

Near instantaneously, this simple topic of conversation was warped into an excuse to slam Captain Marvel 2 and actor Brie Larson, in a predictable fashion. Honest criticisms over the previous movie soon gave way to toxic fanboyism and outright dismissal of the upcoming movie, despite the fact that Captain Marvel was a big success for Marvel Studios.

The good news is that people soon spotted that Captain Marvel 2 was trending for negative reasons and soon turned the conversation around in support of the 2022 movie, including the diverse cast which features Iman Vellani as the teenage Ms. Marvel — who gamers may remember as the main character in the Marvel’s Avengers game — who will debut in her own Disney+ series first.

Of course, being Twitter it’s not all good news, and both the argument and the toxicity continue to thrive, but it seems to have spread to all of the movies on the list. Since the tweet went viral, various upcoming superhero movies began trending, each with their own supporters and detractors.

All of these superhero movies will release throughout 2022, and frankly, we’re looking forward to all of them. If you want to play as Black Panther before then, he’ll be added to Marvel’s Avengers later this year — and hopefully, Captain Marvel will be playable at some point soon too.