AVerMedia PW315 Webcam Review: ‘Simply smooth’


AVerMedia has been quick to adapt to the ongoing demand for webcams during a time when many are working from home or beginning to start streaming. Previously, I took a look at the flagship PW513 webcam, which delivers an impressive 4K image. The PW315 focuses more on smoother video with high-quality 60 FPS support. This is the GameRevolution review.

What’s in the box?

Avermedia PW315 Review

After being overwhelmed by the sheer size of the PW513, I was brought back down to Earth by the PW315. It’s small and sits subtly atop a monitor or tripod mount with the 1/4 inch thread. The 360-degree swivel makes it easy to adjust, which is a boon for quick movements during a call or stream. I’m also a big fan of the physical privacy shutter, which offers peace of mind, though is a little tough to adjust one-handed.

The only downside I noticed during the unboxing was the attached cable. This is an issue because it prevents users from easily swapping out to a longer cable or replacing it should it become damaged.

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It’s also surprising to still see USB 2.0 being used. While I’m sure it’s great for ensuring compatibility for older computers, USB 3.0 ports have been in use for over a decade now. With that said, despite the limitation of 2.0, the 1080p 60 FPS footage is the smoothest I’ve seen, so maybe it’s a big-brain move that I’m not able to comprehend.

Specs that matter

Avermedia PW315 Review

As mentioned above, the AVerMedia PW315 delivers 1080p video at 60 FPS. There’s a wide 95-degree field-of-view, which is great for capturing entire rooms. This can easily be cropped in, if desired. The F2.2 aperture allows for a pleasant image that’s suitable for this application.

The 60 FPS function is the star of the show here. For those who, for whatever reason, desire smooth 60 FPS capture on a webcam, the PW315 is as smooth as it gets. Matching 60 FPS gameplay with a 60 FPS video could be less jarring when streaming or when slowing down playback for some cool highlight shots.

It even does well enough in low-light environments where perfect studio lighting isn’t available. While the image does get noisy, the playback remains smooth up to a reasonable exposure.

While lighting isn’t absolutely mandatory, a good microphone will be. The PW315 has a functional microphone that is better than nothing but should only be used in a pinch. Those streaming on Twitch or YouTube will want to pick up a dedicated mic.

Software support

Avermedia PW315 Review

AVerMedia’s CamEngine webcam software hasn’t changed much. It works okay when tweaking the different sliders to get the desired video image, but the Zoom (ePTZ), A.I. motion tracking, and cartoon masks are slow and fairly useless in their current states.

Those passionate about streaming will lean on OBS’s robust set of features to properly tune the PW315 with various filters and easy adjustments via hotkeys.

AVerMedia PW315 Webcam Review: The final verdict

Avermedia PW315 Review

At $119.99, the AVerMedia PW315 Webcam is reasonably priced when looking at the market right now. Similar products rapidly sell out at similar prices, with more people adapting to the work-from-home lifestyle or trying their hand at streaming video games. However, it’s still a steep investment when you consider past pricing.

While I would recommend enthusiast and professional streamers push for the more expensive PW513 and its 4K capabilities and future-proofing, the PW315 is a nice alternative for those who prioritize 60 FPS capture and are looking to buy right now. It’s simply smoother than the other options out there and AVerMedia has done well to keep the 60 FPS consistent across all of my testing.

PW315 Webcam review unit was provided by AVerMedia.