Fallout Cookbook Includes Nuka Cola Recipe

Are you worried about the possibility of an apocalypse, caused by nuclear explosions and god knows what else? Well, with this Fallout Cookbook at least you’ll have the possibility of cooking something tasty that’ll get you and your relatives out of the ‘end-of-the-world’ slump they’ll no doubt be in. From the looks of the content section in the book, there is one particular recipe that will be sure to put a smile on the face of any Fallout fan out there. Yep, that’s right: there’s a Nuka Cola recipe.

The Fallout Cookbook is titled Fallout: The Official Vault Dweller’s Cookbook and is written by Victoria Rosenthal. Inside the book has over 70 amazing recipes that will really set the apocalyptic mood, such as Baked Boatfly, Deathclaw Omelets, Mirelurk Queen Steak and BlamCo Mac and Cheese. Yum!

Though with a selection like that, you’re going to want something to wash that all down, right? Thankfully Victoria Rosenthal thought ahead and included some tasty beverages for you to chug down, and some are even more recognizable than the main meals. If you’re feeling pretty hurt, gulp down a Stimpak drink to help you out and of course, if you’re working in the sun then there’s nothing stopping you from making a Nuka Cola. What’s more, there’s even an option for a Nuka Cherry. Because hey, who doesn’t like some variety at the end of the world?

Interested? You’ll be pleased to know that you can pre-order the cookbook on Amazon already, where it is set to release on the 23rd of October. Funnily enough the beta for Fallout 76 releases during that month, so the possibility of having a celebratory party with all the right food? Well, who wouldn’t enjoy that?

Tempted to pick up a copy? Let us know if you do so and maybe, later on, send us a tweet showing your creations. We’d love to see it.