Fallout 76 Funko Pop Figures Landing Later This Year

Fallout 76 Funko Pop figures are ready to emerge from the depths of the Earth. The newest line of collectible figurines from the franchise seem set to drop around the game’s official release date. Fallout 76 is due for release on November 14, and Funko has chosen to commemorate this event with its own spin on some classic characters from this universe. Some will, however, only be available at select stores in the US, as noted by the official Funko Pop’s Twitter account below.

A listing on Entertainment Earth’s website shows that pre-orders are now available for the Fallout 76 Funko Pop line. Like many series before it, people will be able to purchase the figures in the Pop Vinyl, 5 Star, and Mystery Mini sub-lines. The vinyl selection is comprised of the Vault Dweller, in both male and female form, T-51 Power Armor Suit, Vault Boy Nerd Rage figure, Assaultron, and Sentry Bot 6-inch figure. Every figure is priced at $10.99, apart from the Sentry Bot, which will set you back $14.99.

In the 5 Star Vinyl collection, fans can pre-order the Fallout 76 Vault Boy Luck, Vault Boy Pyromaniac, T-51 Power Armor Suit, Assaultron, and Vault Boy Toughness figures. Each of these will be worth $10.99. Finally, there a few different multi-pack options available to buy. The Fallout 76 Adamantium and Stranger Twin Pack set will cost $14.99, the Fallout 76 Mystery Minis Random 4 Pack is priced at $24.99, and the Fallout 76 Mystery Minis Display Case, which is worth $67.99.

Pre-orders for the figurines went live on October 1 and, depending on what figure you buy, you may have a bit longer of a wait for yours. Most will be available in November, but the 5 Star Vinyl collection won’t be released until December. Even so, it’s worth jumping on them now in case your favorite figure sells out before then. Fallout 76 will be released on Xbox One, PS4, and PC. A beta is due to land ahead of launch day for Bethesda to stress test its multiplayer servers.