Overwatch Soldier 76 Nendoroid Pre-Orders Are Live

Good Smile has really made a name for itself outside of Asia these last few years by teaming up with Blizzard to make some really impressive Overwatch figures. With 8 Nendoroids in the series already, Soldier 76 joins the Overwatch team as number 9 with pre-orders live until September 13. Nendoroids not your thing? Activision Blizzard recently teamed up with LEGO for some alternate merch.

Unlike other Good Smile products, the company doesn’t really limit the amount of pre-orders it takes for a specific figure in the Overwatch line. Usually, these are capped out quickly for other products and close after a few days, but you’ll have from now until mid-September to squeeze in your Soldier 76 Nendoroid pre-order(s). Yes, you can order up to 6 of these if you’re looking to recreate one of the blandest 6v6 game modes Overwatch has to offer.

Soldier 76 — AKA: Jack Morrison — comes in at a laughably short 100mm and, like most other Nendoroids, can’t stand on his own two feet without the included stand. He also doesn’t come with any swappable clothes, meaning he’s stuck in his admittedly very memorable classic skin. His iconic 76 jacket is in-tact, and he even comes with a detachable visor for those auto-aim ult moments.

But like every other Nendoroid in the series, Soldier 76 does come with plenty of other little attachments and gear — namely his alternate skills. More than a simple gunner, Soldier 76 comes with his signature Helix Rockets and Biotic Field; so you can position him to blow away that pesky enemy Tracer while healing up the rest of his squad as they’re about to get utterly annihilated by Junkrat’s RIP-tire. Even a team of inanimate objects don’t know when to split up!

Nendoroids, like their taller Figma siblings, are designed to be highly posable, meaning the Soldier 76 Nendoroid won’t struggle to look like the real – chibi – deal as he runs around the room firing rockets at the feet of his enemies.

And to add to that high level of customizability, the Soldier 76 Nendoroid even comes with a golf club! Any character initially designed by Chris Metzen knows how to kick back and keep his cool in a tense situation.

The Soldier 76 Nendoroid from Goodsmile is expected to release next February and will ship worldwide. You can check it out here.