One-Punch Man Returns for Second Round

After a stellar reaction to its first season from critics and fans, One-Punch Man viewers have been watching for news of a second season like hawks. Following an announcement made by Viz Media, their thirst has been sated; our egg-headed hero will be returning for a second season on April 2019. Many thought that the long silence up until now indicated a further wait for future installments of the webcomic adaptation, but it seems anime fans will have less than a year to wait to get their fix.

Almost three years have passed since the final episode of the first season was released, and until now fans had only hearsay to go by. As promised, however, the second season announcement was made during a live event in Japan this weekend thematically celebrating the franchise.

Rumors from earlier this year that the first episode of the anime’s second season would be previewed at the event have sadly not borne fruit, but visuals such as trailers and posters have already started to surface. Beloved characters from the original comic material are set to appear in the second season, with talent such as Hikaru Midorikawa putting a voice to the face of Garou.

For those unfamiliar with One-Punch Man, it follows the life of everyman hero Saitama as he deals with the hilarious problem of seeing a decent fighting challenge… as the most powerful man in the world. No prizes for guessing what his speciality is.

As Saitama comes into contact with more and more villains and heroes wishing to pit themselves against his mighty fist, he struggles with what can only be described as boredom. It’s a satirical take for anyone that is struck with ennui for the current state of superhero cliches and wants something a little different.

With a real lack of competition being currently announced for that time period, the second season of One-Punch Man is looking to be the biggest thing in the anime calendar for April next year. Until then, fans can catch up on the manga to volume 14, with the English release date for volume 15 still yet to be announced, but rumored to be coming ever closer.