DC’s Titans Coming to Netflix Outside the U.S.

Titans, a new show based on the eponymous superhero group of the same name for DC’s streaming service, DC Universe, is coming to Netflix for international subscribers. Titans has already made waves thanks a profanity-laden trailer at SDCC 2018, though its brand-new trailer may appease doubters.

The series, which follows Robin during his tenure as leader of the Titans, had previously been announced to be coming exclusively to DC Universe, the company’s streaming service. However, with no release date for DC Universe outside the U.S. forthcoming, it has been decided to move Titans onto a more visible platform worldwide.

Variety is reporting that Netflix has acquired the international rights to show Titans outside of the U.S. and China. The 11-episode first season is scheduled to premiere on October 12, though Netflix currently lists the show as “Coming Soon” and is not slated to release in October. The entire season dropping at once in a period after the season ends on December 21 is a distinct possibility, however.

Netflix has even released a new Titans trailer, one that details Robin (Dick Grayson) putting on the cape and cowl in Detroit. Alongside that, he’ll also be working for the Detroit PD as a detective. A backdoor pilot for a a Detroit: Become Human spin-off? Probably not, but it’ll be interesting to see a superhero so ingrained in where he’s come from adapt in a fish-out-of-water story.

Titans will see Robin lead a superhero group consisting of Starfire, Raven, Beast Boy, and more. It is a grittier, darker version of the collective last seen on television in the cult animated series Teen Titans Go! Below, you can watch the new Titans trailer as Dick Grayson comes to terms with his new surroundings, as well as a case involving Rachel Roth who, in the comics, would go on to become Raven. A far cry from “Fuck Batman,” isn’t it?