Lucky Star Blu-Ray Reprint Release Date Announced

A Lucky Star Blu-ray reprint is set to release in the UK later this month through original distributor All The Anime. The slice of life comedy anime series first aired in back in 2007, but a UK home release didn’t happen until last year. The original Collector’s Edition boxset has proven difficult to come by after its limited release, with a reprint officially due toward the end of the month to satisfy demand.

UK anime licensor All The Anime announced plans to reprint the show yesterday afternoon, with pre-orders going live at the same time. The Lucky Star Blu-ray reprint won’t be classed as a Collector’s Edition like before, instead shedding the original cardboard sleeve while retaining the standard Blu-ray case. Contents will remain the same, meaning the Lucky Star Blu-ray reprint will spread the 24-episode series across three Blu-ray discs with the bonus OVA episode and standard-definition special features packed into an included DVD.

It isn’t clear how long the new Lucky Star Blu-ray reprint will stay in production, but it should help those who missed the first run add the popular series to their collection. Despite releasing in the US shortly after its original Japanese run more than a decade ago, UK fans had the choice of sitting patiently for 10 years or importing the US release which saw single volumes of the show cost well in excess off $100 through re-sellers.

Lucky Star chronicles the day-to-day activities of 4 high school girls. The show, which was based on the original 4-panel manga series, proved popular thanks to its soft art style and light comedy tackling the everyday questions and situations the characters would conjure up.

The show proved so popular in Japan at the time that trips to locations featured in the opening credits sequence saw a sharp rise for some time. The torri gate featured in the opening sequence made headlines in August when it unfortunately collapsed.