Overwatch Torbjörn Nendoroid Announced, Pre-Orders Go Live Soon

Good Smile announced an Overwatch Torbjörn Nendoroid earlier today. The new collectible figure from Good Smile and Blizzard joins a host of other Overwatch Nendoroids including D.Va, Soldier 76, and Junkrat. The Torbjörn Nendoroid will be available for pre-order starting October 26.

Torbjörn’s Nendoroid figure depicts the hero in his classic skin, with a number of accessories and posable elements. For starters he come with his rivet gun, hammer, and an armor pack (which he can no longer throw out). Nendoroid Torbjörn also features his all-important turret, and it has several interchangeable parts too. His standard and powered-up turrets can both be made alongside the his own powered-up self.

Overwatch‘s Torbjörn is a strategic Damage hero, who uses his turrets and other abilities to lay heavy damage into enemies quickly and draw fire from allies. In the lore, he was a member of the Overwatch task force, serving as their weapons designer and chief engineer. He was also the first character modeled for Overwatch.

The highly-posable Nendoroid line fits somewhere in-between Good Smile’s Figma line and Funko Pops. Figmas are generally more expensive and proportionally close to their models, Nendoroids are a bit cheaper and have a more “chibi” style to them. Nendoroids are usually about 100mm tall, and squash proportions while remaining posable. Funko Pop are the cheapest of the collectible figures, aren’t posable, and are rarely more than $15. Each have their place on a collector’s shelves. The Torbjörn Nendoroid keeps his style, and is really quite close to the character’s in-game proportions.

The figure is listed at $59.99 on the official Blizzard store. Other Nendoroids in the Overwatch line-up range from $30 to $50 dollars, which would put the Overwatch Torbjörn Nendoroid on the higher end of that range. This could be attributed to it being a new release, or the multitude of included pieces. Either way, he’s available to pre-order through December 6.