xQc takes shots at Overwatch after Riot’s Project A announcement

[image credit: Twitter | xQc]

Riot’s recently announced near-future hero-shooter Project A is drawing a lot of comparison to Blizzard’s Overwatch. It should come as no surprise, then, that one of the latter’s most controversial players has taken notice. Streamer Felix “xQc” Lengyel used Riot’s announcement to take a few shots at Overwatch.

In response to Riot’s announcements, the former Overwatch League player made some gameplay suggestions that seem to be thinly veiled criticisms of Blizzard’s game. Specifically, he took issue with Overwatch having too many characters with shields, and sarcastically recommended that Project A do the same.

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“Please add barriers and shields, as much as possible. Blocking THOUSANDS of bullets,” stated xQc in one of his tweets. “It’s what the players want, trust me.”

In addition to this, he brought up League of Legends streamer Tyler “tyler1” Steinkamp. In another tweet, xQc joked that the latter was being rewarded for playing said game, while Overwatch players like himself were being punished by more shields. “Dude, tyler1 doubles down on his trash game and gets billion-dollar games made for it. We triple down on Overwatch and get more shields! He can’t keep getting away with it!” he exclaimed.

xQc takes shots at Overwatch after Riot's Project A announcement

To cap things off, xQc directly addressed Blizzard with a message in regard to their plans for Blizzcon. “Whatever you are releasing at Blizzcon is, it better pop off,” he stated. “Discount DOTA announced that there’s a new kid on the block.”

It’s interesting that xQc is bringing up Riot’s upcoming shooter. Last year, the company permanently banned the streamer from playing League of Legends for toxic behavior. That said, attracting players currently disgruntled with Overwatch‘s “shield meta” could be something for Riot to bank on to get a leg up on Blizzard’s game.

Riot itself isn’t above taking shots at Blizzard. During its recent stream for the tenth anniversary of League of Legends, it actually made a subtle reference to Blizzard’s controversial Diablo Immortal announcement from last year’s Blizzcon.