Overwatch LEGO Sets Debut With a Buildable Bastion

Blizzard has been building up to more Overwatch LEGO since the announcement in May. And now that buildup has finally built up to something. Bastion has just been revealed as the first official Overwatch LEGO set. This Omnic Crisis-themed version of the hero is available now for $25 exclusively on the Blizzard Gear Store. Blizzard also claims it is in “limited quantities.”

This 182-piece set is five inches tall (13 centimeters) and four inches (10 centimeters) wide. It can move its arms and swivel at the waist. Eagle-eyed fans will notice that Ganymede is also on the robot’s shoulder in his cardinal form, which is accurate to the in-game representation of the skin. This skin likely means that Blizzard is privy to releasing the non-default versions of its characters like it does with its Funko Pop figures. It also comes with a stand, which means it can be placed as well as played with.

bastion overwatch lego

Blizzard and LEGO have teased an announcement a few times: once at Gamescom in August and once last week. However, those teases were just singular minifigures and would likely be parts of bigger sets since minifigures come fully assembled. Bastion, on the other hand, is unique enough to be built, thus making it a unique starting point for the rest of the lineup.

Its non-human figure allow it to be a better showcase for what LEGO can do. Orisa would also likely be another candidate to get the Bastion treatment, given that it is also not a human.

However, Blizzard could opt to go bigger with the rest of its sets, allowing builders to recreate their favorite maps with bricks with payloads. Given how Jeff Kaplan, game director at Blizzard, showed a singular minifigure of Tracer, that is a possibility. These minifigures would likely be part of a bigger set as opposed to Bastion, which is the set in and of itself.