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Overwatch Patch Notes – New PTR Update Brings Torbjorn Rework

The most recent round of Overwatch patch notes has confirmed that the new version of Torbjorn has been fixed. The new Torbjorn is only available to play on the PTR (Public Test Region) at present, and the Torbjorn rework likely won’t hit the full game for at least a few weeks. This is to make sure that he fits into the game properly before players have to play as or against him in competitive play. As it turns out, Torbjorn was broken for a little while post-rework, so it’s a good thing this was the case. However, he has since been fixed.

Overwatch Patch Notes – Torbjorn Rework in New PTR Update

Torbjorn’s rework changed his kit in quite a few ways. His Ultimate ability, “Molten Core”, no longer superpowers his turret. Instead, it allows him to shoot magma from his hook-hand, making it a sort of area-denial Ultimate, similar to Mei’s “Blizzard” and Wrecking Ball’s “Minefield.” On top of this, he no longer provides armor packs for his allies. This ability was replaced with a new one, called “Overload”, which temporarily increases his movement speed, fire rate, and damage resistance.

However, the biggest change to Torbjorn is to do with his turret. The turret is now consistently Level 2, which means that he doesn’t need to use his hammer to upgrade it. He can also throw it a short distance now, instead of just building it directly in front of him. However, this was where issues quickly began to appear.

Torbjorn’s turret glitched into half of the solid surfaces he threw it at. It could shoot out, but was protected by an invincible wall. This is the main thing that the patch notes fixed. The notes from the Blizzard forum are as follows:

  • Fixed a bug that prevented Torbjörn’s Molten Core visual effects from displaying
  • Fixed a bug that allowed players to walk through an enemy Torbjörn’s turret
  • Fixed a bug that allowed Torbjorn’s turret projectile to ricochet for a long time before planting itself in unintended places

Now that Torbjorn’s turret has been fixed, his rework is in full swing. However, this was not the only change this round of patch notes made.

Overwatch Patch Notes – Other Changes in New PTR Update

The update also fixed bugs related to the PTR client crashing and colorblind options causing visual effects of Overwatch League skins to be displayed. Also, the counter for assembling your team in the second round of Assault, Hybrid, and Escort maps was increased from 10 seconds to 25 seconds.

And that’s it! Still no Roadhog rework, it seems.