Belle Delphine’s ‘Gamer Girl Bath Water’ contains ‘no traces of human DNA’ (Update)

UPDATE: It appears that the claims made by the “molecular biologist” are false. As pointed out by another Reddit user, Belle Delphine had previously stated on Instagram that she had only shipped out one bottle of Gamer Girl Bath Water to YouTuber Pyrocynical. In response to the user “debunking” the original poster’s claims, they wrote: “I need to clarify that I myself didn’t order the item in question, but was given a sample by a trusted source.” Unless this “trusted source” is Pyrocynical, or Belle made more shipments than she stated in her Instagram post, then the Gamer Girl Bath Water is still as real as its product description states.

ORIGINAL STORY: Instagram cosplay model Belle Delphine recently started selling ‘Gamer Girl Bath Water‘ on her official store, which was water she claimed had been taken from her own bath. “Bottled while I’m playing in the bath,” the product’s description reads on her site, before adding: “This really is bath water.” However, a buyer of the product now claims to have run tests on the water, claiming that it isn’t real bath water at all.

The model made headlines after bottling the water and selling it to her fans for $30 a jar, but in a post on the subreddit r/casualiama, an individual claiming to be a molecular biologist has stated that the Gamer Girl Bath Water contains “no human DNA in it at all.”

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Furthermore, the Reddit user notes that there “might be grounds for a class action suit,” given that Belle clearly advertised the product as being bath water that was bottled while she was “playing” in it. Now, it remains to be seen whether any buyers of the Gamer Girl Bath Water will run a similar test in an attempt to take her to court, but the alleged biologist believes that her opening herself up to this kind of scrutiny was “dumb on her part to begin with.”

The full post from the Redditor can be viewed below:

“I’m serious. Listen up, guys (and girls).

All humans shed cells, and it would be expected to find some skin cells (along with fecal bacteria, but that’s another topic) and therefore human DNA in this “bath water”. Well, I did an eDNA analysis through ddPCR and lo and behold… there is no human DNA in it at all.

Since she advertised it as being her bath water, which it clearly ISN’T, there might be grounds for a class action suit. If you have a receipt of your purchase, you might be eligible for damages. Like I said, I’m serious.

I mean, this was dumb on her part to begin with. If she really did bottle her bath water, anyone* would be able to amplify and sequence the DNA in the sample and, in short, obtain her complete genotype. Since she didn’t sell her bath water, she protected herself from that, but left herself open to potentially getting sued.”

The Gamer Girl Bath Water is still listed on Belle Delphine’s store, though it’s currently out of stock. It’s unclear if this Reddit post will result in the product being removed from the store, or if the allegations by the Redditor are true — we’ll have to wait and see if another super sleuth throws down some cash to continue this odd investigation.