Belle Delphine has joined Asmongold’s WoW guild

[Image credits: Instagram | Belle Delphine, Twitter | Asmongold]

Since her Instagram account was deleted, people have been wondering about what gamer-girl bathwater entrepreneur Belle Delphine would be doing next. Now, it looks like we have an answer: The former model looks like she’ll be playing World of Warcraft as part of Asmongold’s guild.

Asmongold announced that Belle Delphine had joined his Olympus guild on a stream on October 8: “We’ve got Belle Delphine joining the guild,” stated Asmongold. “I’m not even kidding. She just joined the guild. I said she could join if she gave everyone a discount on her bathwater.”

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“I’m serious guys, I’m actually being 100% serious. Really. This is actually serious,” exclaimed the streamer to his audience. He then confirms that Belle Delphine actually sent him direct message him on Twitter to apply to the guild. However, when pressed to show screenshots of the messages, Asmongold understandably declined to do so.

Belle Delphine has joined Asmongold's WoW guild

Belle Delphine joining Olympus comes just as she’s come back into the limelight following months of silence. Earlier this week, she posted a police mugshot of herself on Twitter. At first people thought this was just a joke addressing the various conspiracy theories about her disappearance. However, she later stated that she actually was arrested for vandalism, having drawn graffiti on the car of a girl who she claimed had stolen her pet hamster.

As for why she joined Olympus, Belle Delphine has, interestingly enough, not mentioned anything about her joining the guild on social media, let alone her reasons for doing so. On top of this, she’s yet to actually appear on Asmongold’s stream. As such, it looks like her fans will have to continue to wait to learn her reasons for joining the guild, let alone see her play WoW with them.. That said, with both streamers in the same guild, it probably won’t be long before both of these stars finally appear together on-stream.