Belle Delphine ‘arrested’ after saving pet hamster, she claims

After all but disappearing from the internet following a string of controversies, former Instagram model Belle Delphine reemerged with a supposed arrest mugshot that depicted her with smeared eye makeup, as if she’d recently been crying, yet that didn’t seem to take the smile off her face. No explanation for the alleged arrest was offered, but now she’s taken the time to clear things up and potentially spawn a new Belle Delphine hamster controversy in the process.

Perhaps best known for selling “Gamer Girl Bathwater” via her online store, which ultimately led to an Instagram ban despite questions being raised over whether the product was legitimate, Belle’s fan contributions on Patreon recently halved when she went quiet without explanation.

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Belle Delphine hamster

YouTuber Ethan Klein is a self-proclaimed fan and recently wondered aloud on an episode of the H3H3 Podcast whether Delphine had perhaps gotten herself into some kind of legal trouble. Seemingly, she saw this as an opportunity to put across her version of the events that had led to her prolonged absence in recent times.

Delphine claims that her pet hamster was stolen by an attendee at a party she hosted, stating that she “swears to god” the unnamed girl in question did it and “who the f*** does that?” Based on alleged eyewitness reports of the theft, Delphine apparently took it upon herself to implement some vigilante justice and “spray-painted the f*** out of [the perpetrator’s] car” which is said to have ultimately led to her arrest.

Alongside an image of popular meme Pepe the Frog, she wrote “B****! Give me my hamster back,” and somehow, that appears to have worked, as Belle reports that her beloved pet is indeed now back in her care.

There’s seemingly never a dull moment where Delphine is concerned, but if her claims are accurate we can all at least be glad that the little hamster is safe in this situation.