Belle Delphine tweets ‘arrest mugshot’ in response to conspiracy theories

[Image credit: Instagram | Belle Delphine]

After staying quiet for months following the “gamer girl bathwater” controversy, Belle Delphine is making headlines once again. This time, the controversial former Instagram model has responded to conspiracy theories stating that she was arrested by British authorities by posting what seems to be a fake mugshot.

Back in August, following her gamer girl bathwater stunt going viral, Belle Delphine promised her Patreon supporters that she had something special in store for that month. However, she instead went quiet, effectively disappearing from the internet. At first, after people thought they had been scammed, folks soon started making conspiracy theories about her disappearance.

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Now one of these theories seems to have brought her back. In a recent episode of the H3 podcast, co-host Ethan Klein made the suggestion that Belle Delphine had somehow gotten in trouble with the law. “Her real store is offline, which makes me wonder if she got into legal trouble,” posited Klein. “Because shipping bath water, I don’t think it’s legal.”

While the neither Klein nor his podcast are mentioned, Belle Delphine’s tweet seems to have been made in response to this theory. Now, the “mugshot” itself includes a watermark for “metropolitan police,” likely in reference to the UK’s Metropolitan Police Service, more commonly known as Scotland Yard. However, a search on Google doesn’t return any results as of the time of writing.

As for what exactly happened to Belle Delphine between August and now, it turns out that she had a case of food poisoning while on vacation in Greece. She actually revealed this in an Instagram post on her alternate account (her original account was banned by Instagram) last August where she also confirmed that this incident was serious enough to have cut her trip short.

Of course, the question remains of whether or not the controversial model will once again return to the public eye. Prior to this one, her most recent tweet was from August 21. Will she finally return to the limelight, or will she once again disappear, fueling these conspiracy theories further?