Dr Disrespect Mixer deal would have to be ‘at Ninja’s level or higher’

With Ninja recently making the move to Mixer, many are wondering if other streamers are going to be following suit. A potential Dr Disrespect Mixer deal was recently discussed by the mulleted man himself. While he’s certainly open to the prospects of moving to Microsoft’s streaming platform, they would have to shell out a hefty chunk of change to get him to make the move.

“Let’s say a move for the Doc to Mixer,” DrDisrespect began on a Twitch clip. “Let’s just, like, theoretically say, right? The number would have to be crazy. Like, I’m talking… I don’t know what Ninja got, but it’s got to be at Ninja’s level or higher. I mean, it’s just a stronger brand, right? [laughs] It would have to be!” He concluded the statement by laughing and pointing at the screen, indicating that he was likely joking about the size of the deal that would be necessary to get him to make a Dr Disrespect Mixer exclusivity deal.

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Dr Disrespect recently gained a measure of infamy following an incident at E3 2019 where he walked into a public bathroom while livestreaming to his Twitch channel. His channel was quickly taken offline and he earned a 30-day ban for his troubles, although the ban was subsequently lifted just 14 days later.

He later attempted to get an emote of himself peering over a bathroom stall added to his channel as a tongue-in-cheek reference to the incident, but Twitch ultimately rejected it. While his emote was rejected, he did add a bathroom to his greenscreen background used while streaming as a humorous reference to his gaffe at E3 2019.

A Dr Disrespect Mixer deal would certainly be a coup for Microsoft’s platform, especially after they secured one of the most popular streamers. However, his joking request for an asking price similar to Ninja’s may mean that he isn’t seriously considering the offer. Mixer may very well try to snap up more Twitch streamers in the coming weeks and we’ll have to wait and see who else is up for jumping ship to Microsoft’s streaming platform.